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Hi just would like to ask if there are any retired people who have recently or are planning to move to the Brittany area of France.  I ask this because we are moving in September this year and wondered if anyone has experienced any hostility toward the British and if anyone has had difficulty obtaining a carte sejour.  We are looking forward to moving and have been planning it for almost 4 years so lots of research and enough lessons in French to get buy but will continue lesson when we get there, then along came the Brexit vote to out so we are a little concerned as we are retired and have sold our house and have a rented home to move to.  Thank you in advance for any helpful feed back.

We too are hoping to move in November so sadly cant answer as not living there

The people we know in Brittany have not encounted any problems and there are quite a few expats there.  We hope we can make French friends as we are learning and will continue to learn the language when we get there.  Hope all goes well for you in November, I'm sure it will.....Bon Courage!

Hello, :-)

What a great adventure you are both planning! That's sound great and full of dynamic ambitions!

My name is Myriam.I am a French Mum from Guipavas near Brest. Because we had leaved the same experience when we went expat three years in Devon, I totally understand your concernes. There is nothing to worry. Most people in Brittany has mostly the same character as people leaving in Cornwall. They are true people who would become very good friends if you are patient to wait at least a good year for them to know you. Then they would be friend for life.
About the Brexit, you can use this as a discussion topic, explaining your point of view. What will count with people here is how you are with them right when you meet them. You have nothing to worry, especially if you have learn a bit of French. English people who are expatriated here are not seen like 'immigrants', there is the same amount of French working in London than English leaving in France. But you have to be aware that Bretons can be old fashion grumpy sort of people at doesn't mean you did something wrong or that they don't like you, that's the way they are, they can be very impolite, especially on the road... but nothing to worry about, they are just not educated to be polite on the road, it has nothing to do with your plates still being UK.
People always has a wrong idea of the other country on either side of the channel. This has got on for ages. Though, I am sure you would be happy here after the entry-shock period (mostly the hard time you will get to sort out administration duties, getting internet broadband, finding where you want to buy your food ect..)
The best way I would recommend to use to meet people would be by getting involved into what we call 'associations', if you get on your futur city or town website and search for 'loisirs' ou 'associations culturelles' associations sportives', you will find a lot of things to do for a small amount of money. Most Breton Cities and Towns have a jumelage with a Cornish or Devon town, you can ask the council if you can help with that and you will automatically meet people who love England and speak a bit of English.
Most people would like to learn English. Even retired, you can still make a bit of money buy opening an after school club. If you do that for two years you will then be known as the Nice English lady that has fantastically helped my kids to speak English.
Please in case you need help about anything, feel free to email me,

Good luck,

Bye for now,


Hello Myriam, May I say how very kind of you it is to go to the trouble of such a helpful and uplifting reply.  It is a big step but I am looking forward to it and you have helped me more by the things you have put, so helpful.  I so want our move to work and we are both looking forward to taking French lessons once we arrive.  I used to be a teacher here in the UK so I am hoping to join a associations or groups where I can contribute and enjoy helping,  Our two La Chevre are coming with us, I love goat's cheese and milk from my little female.  I love the outdoors and garden a lot as well as an interest in nature. AS a mum do your children like the wildlife and tress, plants etc, I taught Rural studies in the UK but it is not so popular now I used to go to schools and help them build a pond for the newts and frogs and then we would plant flowers and grasses for the insects and birds, I have saved lots of my work, posters and leaflets, books etc because I hoped I may do something like that if there was any interest. and of course help with the English and they may help with my French so everyone is enjoying themselves.  The information you have put I have made a note of in my dairy as well so I can look up associations once my broadband is organised.  We too have some impolite drivers on the road in the UK so I will take your advice and won't worry about that.  I thank you too for putting your email address that is very kind.  Would you mind if I emailed you again?  I would like to let you know how things are going.

Best Wishes


Dear Susan,

I'm glad you found some helpful things in my post. You are very welcome to send some emails - not sure I would reply immediately depending of how busy my life is -, especially if you start doing something for children that would involve them into nature. I am very fond of Nature myself, even though my mummy life doesn't leave enough time for gardening or taking care of animals.
I have to admit that my nature fondness for the moment is limited into watching Brian Cox's documentaries on the BBC.
My children do loves pets and any other animals. They would love to meet the goats. What you say about ponds is funny because they had one of those ponds in their old English school in Plymouth.
May I ask you where exactly you are planning to move in Brittany, if this is not too indiscreet?

Bye for now,


Hello Myriam, I imagine you to be a busy mum especially during the school holidays as well.  I hope you manage to find time to relax.  We are moving to Silfiac do you know it? I love being with the children when they are involved in making a pond or planting trees and flowers they are so excited and really put a lot of work into things, then when the pond is made it's the constant checking for any residents moved in, even I get excited about that too. 

Bye for now

Dear Ssusan,
I have found that website, it might interest you : … EF_020.pdf

You can ask some help to this family that are in Morlaix I suppose they would be willing to explain how they subscribe.

Chat to you later, Myriam

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