Improving French language skills near St-Brieuc, Brittany

My husband and I are Australians, in Brittany for a few months. We would like to access.  French language classes or meet with others to talk and share language skills.

Hi PauleneTrev,

Maybe you could join a group at the Alliance Française :

They have several activities pertanaining your search.

All the best,

Hi PaulineTrev,

I live just outside St. Brieuc and i'm really struggling to find a plce that offers French lessons. If you find something can you let me know? I know there is GRETA but to be honest there was nothing there for me that I could'nt do myself at home it's mostly learning French using software.

Best wishes

Hi Shelly,

There are some adverts in the Language classes in Brittany section of the website. I suggest you have a look at the offers.

All the best,

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