Liking the idea of retiring in Brittany.

My wife and I have been to Paris multiple times and always loved the people, the history, and art we found there. We both had the idea of retiring in France at the same time and are now exploring our options. We have about 8 years to go and so are starting our plans now so that when we retire we can pull the trigger and move. We plan on renting a home for several months to see if we like the life style, and if so, selling our two homes here in the states and buying a home in Brittany.

The proximity of other European countries and the United Kingdom have me excited at the thought of driving ourselves to places we haven't been yet.. I also plan on buying a motorcycle and doing some riding on my own and possibly finding a group to ride with.

That's the dream...

Hi Doug, it sure sounds like a wonderful plan! I don't know where you live in the US but keep in mind that Brittany is very rainy with lots of overcast days..... the grass is greeen though LOL but bad weather enters France through Brittany.

We currently live in Oregon and so are used to that kind of weather. My wife and I are a couple of gypsies. We love moving, and the thought of moving to France thrills us both. Have you been there long?


Hi, so you live in Oregon! I visited friends in Ashland several times while I lived in California. I returned to my roots in Southern France about 10 years ago and now, I am moving to Southern Portugal where the sun shines :-) I have a hard time with humid, rainy weather.

Hi guys, do you know this Briton proverb ?  : "only the *** are wet by the rain..."   :)
Have a nice day !

:D Pacha!

Yep. Harrisburg is 25 min north of eugene on highway 99. Small town. Like it a lot. Peaceful.

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