Looking for tennis club / tennis partner in Saigon

Hey guys,
I'm expat from Taiwan and I'm looking for anyone who can play tennis with me.  or if there's any tennis club I can be in?

My level is around intermediate to advanced, available time currently is every evening of weekday and whole Saturday.

I'd like to meet new friends also, maybe we can make friends and share life in here!
Looking forward to hearing from any of you soon~

Hi Angelo80105,
Welcome to the forum!

Here's a recent thread from another forum member looking for a tennis partner in HCM.
Get in touch to set the ball rolling!

Cheers! :cheers:

Hello Angelo,

I saw your message looking for tennis partner in HCMC District 1.
I play early on morning from 6 to 7 am. Do you think it could match with your schedule ?



Hey Philippe

Nice hearing from you, It should be ok for me to play in the early morning~ may I ask which day you usually play?  And which court?

Thanks! ^^


I will be in HCMC around 15-20 December and would love to play some tennis during my stay. I am interested to play everyday, anytime. Will  be staying at the Hotel Myst.

Please be in contact. My NTRP is around 3.5-4.5

Best regards,
Ville (Finland)

Hi Angello,

I live in hcmc D1, border D3.
I use to play tennis every day in complex Lao Dong (Tao Dan park), but i am open to play anywhere in the center.
My level is around 3,5. I like to meet players level 3,5 to 4, or even 4,5.
You can contact me at *** . I am ready to play in the morning (10-12) or evening (16-18).
You are welcome.
I will answer you quickly


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Hi Angelo,

Are you still playing in HCMC?

I will be visiting Ho Chi Minh this Friday (Feb 16th) for 9 days and will be looking for a good game.

My level is 4.0.

I can pretty much play anywhere as I'll be driving a bike but preferably one of the better courts. I know D7 has excellent courts near the driving range and D2 also has a variety of good courts.



Hey guys, I have a friend interested to play tennis as well, are you guys still playing? any advice?

I play tennis in the center of hcmc, border dist 1 and dist 3.
In Tao Dan parc, club lao dong.
If you are interested for single play, you can contact me at ***. If possible level between 3,5 and 4,5. Thank you.

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Hi there,

I am living in the Manor 1,  Binh Thanh district, l am looking for someone or join in the club to play tennis, I can play anyday morning or evening. Please contact me at ***. Cheers, Huong

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