Planning to work in oman

I am planning to work in Oman in the near future... Need help and recommendations..thanks in advance 😊

Regarding working in Oman, You should have valid work visa from an employer or you can come on visit visa, if employer later arrange work visa here. Did you already applied?If also depends what work you are looking for ? How many connections you have here?

Also there are so many websites to look for work here including this website.i,.e. Expat



I am looking for a teaching job

Hi Chaii,

I suggest you to create your cv under the Jobs in Muscat section of the website. Make sure to provide as much details as possible.

Good luck


Thanks so much 😊

I'm also trying to do the same. I've registered for a TEFL course, I start in December. Have you stared applying?

No i haven't

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