How to calculate the annual Leave pay in Oman

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May i request you to please guide how to calculate the  annual leave pay in Oman? How it's being calculated or whats is the formula? For Example if an individual works for a Monthly salary of 800 RO and his date of annual leave starts from  Dec 2016 (last joining date) to August 2017, it means one year is completed so how much will be the expected receivable  pay?

Leave pay is calculated as follow:
for 12 months leave pay, if gross salary is 800=800/365X365=800
Also for six months it will be 800/365X182=399
Note: to be eligible for the leave pay, one must complete at least 6 months with the employer.

Thanks for the advice, but there is a issue if a person goes for any personal leave in between for around 30 days his eligibility of 30 days after one year will reduce or not?? please advice.

for eg: for 365 days 30 days leave or vacation for 335 days (365-30) what will be the eligibilty days or vacation he can go for???


There is nothing called "personal leave" under the Labour Law of Oman. Ofcourse, the folloing are the categories of leave which an employee is lawfully entitled to e.g.

1. sick leave - not exceeding 10 weeks
2. emergengency leave
3. maternity leave - 50 days
4. special leave -  of different durations based on the nature of occassion
5. annual leave - 1 month

There are different requirements for an employee to qualify for the above leaves and in some cases, subject to the business requirements of the employer.

However, once an employee qualifies for any of the above leaves  under the OLL other than annual leave, and, so takes the leave following the proper procedure of the company concerned, s/he enjoys them in addition to the annual leave.

Now in your case, if your prior leave is categorized as one of the above leaves and was properly authorized by your employer, that should not affect your entitlement to your annual leave fully.

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