Arrival in Ireland - Proof of address for PPS number [URGENT]


I am a European citizen planning to relocate to Ireland with my family, and live there on means of self-sufficiency, but we have met a lot of issues now as we are planning to relocate. No landlord or agency seems to be willing to consider us until we have gotten our PPS number, and to be able to get a PPS number we would require to have an address in Ireland already, is this correct? It also seems that we cannot open a bank account before we have a PPS number.

With that background information in mind we would like to ask you for advice, how we might be able to make this relocation as smooth as possible.

Upon arrival in Ireland, how should we proceed to acquire a PPS number to be able to rent an apartment, open a bank account and get ourselves a SIM-card for the phone etc.?

We will most likely be living in a hotel or AirBnb since no landlord is willing to rent out their apartment to us without a PPS number.

Also, which type of proof of address is needed for the PPS number application?

I found this information online:

"If you are an EU national or EEA Citizen(*),  you need a passport or National Identity Card and evidence of your address (such as a household bill in your name) and, if available, supporting documentation of either birth, work, unemployment, residency, tax liability or education history."

Since no one is willing to rent out their apartment to us, or even a room in their own home. And as I understand it is even illegal to do so, as they need the PPS number to register us there, I have no idea how to acquire my "evidence of address".


What I did was living in a temporary apartment for 3 weeks ( I got all my initial documents (bank account, PPS, GNIB) with that temporary address. I then moved to a permanent residence and changed my address.

@debbiewidjaja Thank you for your reply. May I ask how you were able to find that temporary address? I see it says "[link under review]" in your comment, so perhaps you already liked to some source.

I think that hotel would be impossible to use, because you cannot have any bills associated with your room in the hotel. But I suppose AirBnb or B&B could work if the owners are nice enough to let you change name on their bill or write you a note or such.

Otherwise, from my own guessing, to rent a room from a private landlord might be the best option. But once again they must be nice to let you change name of their bill or write you a note, or else you wouldn't get anywhere.

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