Amblyopia - Driving license with almost only One eye in Kuwait ?


I really need you to take my décision to go to work in Kuwait.

Can i pass the eye test in the Qurtoba Clinic with only one eye who has a perfect eyesight ?

I have an amblyopia so The second eye has poor eyesight and i drive since many years.

They need this exam to convert french driving license on kuwait driving license, and i don't find the eyesight requirements.

Thank you very much it is really important.

i think if you convert your licence it should not be an issue, not sure about qurtuba tho.

Thank you very much , anyone else about this test ?

I have terrible vision in my left eye.  For the test the guy covered my right eye first and pointed to every other letter on the line.


good,  He covered my right eye and I could barely see the paper.  I decided to try to play it off.



Here's your stamp.  Pick up your license tomorrow.

Awesome story !

And what about if someone say that it is not possible to read ? do you think it is a problem ?

Someone else who has the eyesight requirments ? really important

If you can see and say the letters (or are very good at pretending you can) then you should be OK.  I did notice that they also had shapes, and arabic letters.  Maybe that would be an alternative for someone who could not read.

If you vision can be corrected by glasses, I think that is ok too.

I think the only problem is if you can not see at all.

Thank you very much , for me i can see the shapes but not the letter except if they are very very big, but the right eye has excelent eyesight.

So big question , someone who has answer about this case ?

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