Getting a Scooter?

As you can probably tell from my username I LOVE motorcycles and riding. Looking at the license requirements for Kuwait it seems unlikely Ill be able to get one here anytime soon since Ill be on a visitors Visa to start(It will get switched to a dependent Visa). But what about a scooter? Do you still need license, regs for say a 50cc? Many places in the US you don't so I'm hoping this will tide me over.

After you experience the driving habits on Kuwaiti roads, I doubt you will have the guts to jump on the motorbike or scooter. :( I think you do need a registration, not sure what is the deal with the license, maybe someone else knows the details, but from the info I got so far I think you need one even for a 50cc scooter.

If you will drive inside the neighborhood and usually there is no police often there , you can drive the scooter without license but if police stops you for any reason , they have the right to ask if you have license or not,
if not they will take the scooter and you will be in trouble. Usually people use scooter in farms area.

Kuwait roads are dangerous and I have seen many people died driving motorbikes. You will never guess or know what will happen on Kuwait roads while you are driving your  motorbike or car , Its like an adventure.

You might want to look into a dirtbike or a quad.  As others have said, the driving here isn't really conducive to motorcycles.  I do see a few every now and then but they are definitely few and far between.

Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way.  If you DO find out that you don't need a license for a 50cc.  I STRONGLY recommend a Derbi GPR 50.  I had one in Hungary.  50cc engine with big bore kits available. 6-speed transmission.  Will do 100kph.

Ask me how I know :P


I highly doubt anything is going to deter me, if I can survive Florida Ill be fine anywhere lol. Are theyre good places to ride a dirtbike? I heard the Desert is flat and boring here. Yeah Ive had a couple 50cc with big bore good times. Also is lanesplitting(filtering) legal ?

Lets just say that rules of the road are more "suggestions" out here  :D

I don't think anyone is going to say anything if you were to split lanes, but I'm worried enough about my safety in the states that I usually wait on traffic.  Here, I'd multiply that concern about a hundredfold.  The driving out here isn't necessarily "predictable", like it is in the states.  Generally the sentiment seems to be "if there's an open spot, that's kinda paved, hit it"

For dirt, there is a motocross track out here, and there is some contour in the desert but for the most part you're right, it is flat.  Either way, it doesn't sound like it's gonna scratch your itch  ;)

Have you been able to find the classifieds? and OLX were the sights I used to peruse when looking for a car, I seem to remember both having bike ads as well.

The punishment for driving a vehicle without a license is deportation.  Not sure if that extends to bikes or not but be warned.


Good to know theres a motocross track, Ill have to look into that of course I still need a way to get the bike there lol. It is gonna be a rough adjustment. I lived in Colorado for almost 3 years and the riding on road and off is amazing there. Guess Ill have to see how people really drive 1st hand. I always lane split in the states even though its not legal most places since it safer than sitting in traffic and getting sandwiched between 2 cars(this has happened to me). Is my US license valid for any period of time?

Your US license is valid until you get your residency. At that point you need to have your Kuwaiti license.

As for the driving, I haven't experienced Florida, but I think you will be a for a nasty surprise here and how far the rules are stretched. You are worrying about lane splitting while it is common sight to casually run the red light here.

I am worried hitting the road with a car, let alone motorcycle. However, extra awareness of my surroundings that I got with the motorcycle riding experience has helped a great deal here while driving a car.

Ok good to know, so as long as I'm on my Visitors Visa my US license is still good? I'm just gonna have to see how it is 1st hand. Many people are scared to ride on road in the US for the same reasons. I might end up with just a dirt bike.

This here is a new level of scared, at least for me. :) On top of that, almost all roads are straight, so there would be little to enjoy while riding. Dirt bike is a good alternative, I think there is a dirt track somewhere...or you can just get off the road anywhere, there are days when the entire country is a dirt track. :)

Lots of truth in that last sentence.  I was thinking about trying to track down a minibike for the kids for that reason.  There's a HUGE dirt lot not too far away where lots of people bring their huge RC cars, or learn to drive etc.  I thought it'd be a good place to get the little 'uns on 2-wheels

I'm from Washington state, lots of mountains and trail riding there too.  Unfortunately this place is waaaaaay different in that context.  More "West Texas".  Same with the roads.  Like Ribosome said, they're pretty straight and flat, with the occasional rim bending pothole...

If you got something like a Landcruiser Prado (super common here) you could probably get something like this: … -carriers/

Easy money  ;)

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