finding housing with my dogs

Hi everyone. My name is Sunshine and I currently live in Alaska, USA.  I am planning to move to Phnom Penh in January and am just trying to get a feel for the place.  All the stuff on the internet is mostly touristy type stuff and I am interested in seeing what life is actually like there.  My main concern is finding housing with my dogs.  They are not small dogs so I am interested in something pet-friendly.  Any advise would be lovely.

It's not a real dog friendly country as far as housing goes , so if you have one months rent and deposits it's going to be harder, not impossible, but now if you let's say have 3-6 months rent up front with deposits, now you have a negotiating advantage! And it will be a lot easier to find a place! So I would have a few months rent upfront cash, and you should be able to talk your way in with extra cash, I've been here three years , and I've learned in the rental market that cash talks , so good luck, I do see westerners with dogs! So yes it can be done , and is being done , besides Korea and Japan , having a dog in the house isn't something that is common to a Cambodian, so just be aware of this bring extra money and bargain for the best place at the best price!!

Last thing if they are big dogs shouldn't be a problem , but the monkeys got a dog last week a few blocks from my apartment, so they are aggressive this was a small dog, I'm thinking they would run from a bigger dog, carful early in the morning or late at night , monkeys are out!

I work in real estate and dogs are dependent on the landlord, some will allow others wont, when you are looking to rent, stipulate with the agent that you have a dog so they can check beforehand and not waste your time.

Just a tip: google "real estate Phnom Penh, pet friendly" and you will find possibilities.

Good luck.


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