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Hi All

I'm a new member to and I have to say... in the few days I have been reading blogs, posts, forums on this site I have learnt so much already about Belize... so thank you I'm from London England, I'm married with 2 boys, and incidentally I had never really heard about Belize before I met my husband, it has always been his dream to move to Belize, and having spent nearly a month there in January of this year, its also my dream too. So, that really brings me to why I'm on this site, yep we've decided 2018 is going to be the year we finally pack our bags, say goodbye to the shores of England and hello to the Caribbean sea. What's attracted us to Belize apart from the amazing weather, lifestyle and beautiful surroundings is though Belize is so far from the UK it use to be a British Colony, English is their first language and their education system still follows the British education system in part also we  met so many lovely people in Belize earlier this year so we have gained a good insight into what life potentially could be for us and we're very excited. We are under no illusions that we will experience no challenges but that really isn't an issue for us. If anyone could help us with information about schools, we have a son who will be doing his GCSEs in summer '18 so, with the research I've already done pertaining to schools in Belize he will be entering Junior College, we also have a toddler who will be staring reception in '18. We would also like any information or knowledge shared from anyone who has started a new life in Belize with a young family. We would love any information regarding accommodation as we are thinking of renting for the first 6 months and then getting something more permanent. Most of our time spent in Belize was in San Pedro and though we loved it, both my husband and myself found it a little too touristy we have been thinking of maybe spending time Placencia, Punta Gorda.


We are here with our 15, 5, and 3 yos. Been here 2.5 years now. Our 19 yo is in the states. We live just south of Placencia in monkey River. We unschool, so I can't say a whole lot about the schools, but I know there's a decent school in Placencia called Placencia International Academy. I've heard it's Montessori-ish, particularly for littles. There's a junior college across the lagoon in Independence. I can't speak to the quality there. I'm just not sure.
We definitely love the south, though, and Belize is an awesome place to raise kids.

Hi I have a good friend who hails from UK married a Belizean 40+ years ago and has raised 7 great kids. Your oldest could in fact take 'externa'l exams in  the Belize Secondary system including UK  A levels, or the european Bacalauriate (spelling?) exam. My friends children all got into good universities  in Uk and some in other countries and all 7 have good positions in Belize. ( one is a Belize diplomat and 3 are teachers or  school principals, and the others in agriculture, tourism)
Depending on where you are to settle there should be access to good High schools/colleges in all districts. Most complaints about the education system are due to difficulty changing from the very different  north american system and/or returning into that system. My personal knowledge is limited as  I don't have kids in school. There are  2 very good colleges in the Cayo district, that  I do know  of, but if you are wanting coastal location Cayo is as far inland as it gets, but a lovely area.

Thanks Monkey Town Brew

I appreciate the information provided, and I will definitely research a bit more about the schools. We are actually thinking of sending our youngest to a Montessori nursery whilst in London  as learning through play is a great way to learn, so, if we could continue that form of learning in Belize that would be great. My children loved Belize when we visited it was such a shame to bring them back to the UK (not that we don't like the UK, but we feel living in a big city is not the best place to raise a family) but they too are excited about moving to Belize. Have you been living in Belize long? sorry if I missed that in your post but I have my toddler climbing all over me at the moment :) so its possible I have missed something.

Thanks Terrific

Its great to know my son could potentially still do his A Levels in Belize, as that's the route he would have taken if we were to remain in the UK.
I'll definitely do dome more research into the education system, whilst I was in Belize I spoke to parents sending their children to the local primary school and most of what they had to say was all good. Just seeing how well behaved the children were and how smart they looked in their uniforms in part convinced me and my husband that moving to Belize would definitely be a positive thing for the children.

We've been here 2.5 years. And I totally get the toddler crawling all over you! Someone is hanging from my body in one form or another most of the day.

Awwww that's great, as a family we are so looking forward to moving to Belize, just waiting for my son to finish his GCSE and we will then make the big leap, we are all so excited.  Its nice to see other families that have moved from around the world starting a new life in Belize and really making a go of it, it really is an inspiration :)

Definitely get in touch when you get down here!

Oh will do...  :)

My advice: check out the health care situation in Belize. There’s not much of it at a high standard and what there is at one facility in Belize City can be very expensive and somewhat difficult to access in an emergency if you live far away. Good luck

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