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Hey! I've been in HCMC for two months now. I'm trying to settle in and find work  as an English teacher. While traveling I wrecked my swim goggles and I need a new pair. I looked through some threads and couldn't find a related topic. I'm sorry if this question has been answered before. Thatnks for any feedback.


Rainbow Divers Saigon
231 Nguyen Van Huong Street
Tel (+84)  0985 185 768
Email sgn[at]divevietnam.com
If you check at the Internet address they have locations in various cities and towns so if you are travelling the locations for the future might be helpful

All three of the government run swimming pools that I used have small concessions that sell goggles, swim suits, and related items.  I assumed it was universal.  Where are you swimming?

Currently I am Phu Nhuan and I am just swimming at my hotel. I hope to find a regular spot once I am settled. Thanks.

Thanks. I will check them out.


Here is a great piece of research by the incomparable Jaitch (now banned.)  It may be a iittle dated but I think it is accurate still.  You will have to scroll down a ways to get to Phu Nhuan.  It lists the location of the two big public pools and a military pool as well.  I am surprised but apparently there is public access to the military pool.

Check out this Speedo store "158, Lý Tự Trọng street, phường Bến Thành, quận 1, HCM"

Maybe you can join me. I swim everyday. looking for a swimming buddy. Im in District 10

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