Good private schools in Doha?

here you go dpsmisdoha and the list of schools in qatar


Does anyone have any thoughts /opinions on Al Maha Academy Boys?


Does anyone know anything about the Newton International Academy. I think it's a newish school, but any info on school, teachers discipline etc much appreciated.

My son told me that his school has got so many kids moved from Newton.  So i am not sure if it is such a good school?  But I think it's depends on which year it is?

Good luck!

Thank you IslandPrincess, does your son know why they are moving? it would be very helpful, I also have a year 12 and so would appreciate anything he can add.

All I heard is that there are a lot of problems in Newton school and their parents decided to change school for their kids.  My son says because his school is very small and there won't be bullying, etc, they decided to come to my son's school. 

So far, my son is happy about his school, got many friends too, so I am happy about it.

Hope this helps you...

Thank you Islandprincess.

American School of Doha
Qatar Academy
(these are 2 of the top American System schools in doha)

Qatar Academy is an IB school, not an American school. So it might not be quite what you are looking for.

American School of Doha is the only really good all-ages American school in Doha, and as a bonus, it too offers the IB system. There is also the Michael E. DeBakey High School for Health Professions at Qatar, but it is a magnet school and caters primarily for high school students who are aiming to become doctors. So it might not be a good fit for everyone. GEMS American Academy Qatar is also a good option, but they only offer schooling at the elementary level as of now. So your choices for a top quality American school are somewhat limited. Ignore most of the other schools claiming to offer an American curriculum, they are mostly garbage.

One final option (especially for Canadians) is that Doha does have a Canadian school, the Qatar Canadian School, which has a good reputation overall.

Hi all,

I am considering a job offer from Doha. The thing is that, the company will only provide school allowance of QR1000 per month for each of my children (i have three of them aged 5, 11 and 13). This allowance is on top of my basic salary. Do you guys think that the amount is sufficient for a decent school?

...mmmm... depends on what type of school you want them to go.

I have just received a bill for a half year tuition fee of 31.500QR but he goes to secondary school.

However I have heard that primary is as bad as secondary school.  Also some schools ask you to pay the registration fee and other things.  So think twice before you commit it!

both my kids go to international school of Chouiefat. They provide IB, as well as american college prep with AP classes and SAT prep before 11th grade. granted your kids will study, but they will do that in lieu of mountains of homework. by the time your kids hit college they will be independent and well prepped academics, who wont flounder in a college setting. i used to teach grade 5/6 and i have taught from prekg to grade 2. its really the best foundation in primary education and best value for money, and the studying isnt insane untill maybe 5th grade.

Hasan_12345 :

Hi all,

I am considering a job offer from Doha. The thing is that, the company will only provide school allowance of QR1000 per month for each of my children (i have three of them aged 5, 11 and 13). This allowance is on top of my basic salary. Do you guys think that the amount is sufficient for a decent school?

That barely covers one years tuition fore one child. So no, unless you are getting a hefty salary... its going to cost around 100,000 to put all 3 in school per annum.. and that's in the mid price range schools.

Hi does any one know or can give advise on the current outstanding schools in Doha which offer a British curriculum?
I have two children one six years old and the other four years old. Both very academic and sporty and musical

Thank you

I am due to arrive in Doha in March to work for will follow in June. What is the liklihood I would get a place for my daughter (year 2) in a school for September.

Not sure where my accommodation will be but most likely it'll be in Barwa, apart from the Newton school, what other schools are in close proximity that utilise the British curriculum?

Welcome, there are two Newtons schools on Barwa, Newton international academy, and Newton British academy. Both accept from year 1 to year 12 (NIA) and year 10 (NBA.) Other than this I think the nearest is Park house about a 20 min drive.

Thanks for the response - just concerned that as my family will not be able to come over until June that there won't be any school places available then.

Newton have said that they have limited places for Year 2 as it is - any thoughts if you think my daughter would get a place?

Qatar has a problem with school places, they certainly are limited.

Yeah that's what I've heard from a lot of people. What is the commute time for most schools outside Barwa. I know you said Parkhouse was 20mins from Barwa but is this the case at busy times? I believe it's quite busy on the roads going into the City from Barwa.

Yes 20 (ish) mins should be enough, to get into central Doha at school times can be as much as 60+ mins. :(

Thanks for that - not sure whether I want my daughter travelling for over an hour everyday to get to school.


I have been offered a job at Qatar International School and I am looking for any advice about the school, staff and location. Feeling pretty nervous about it all :o!

I met a couple of teachers from Newton British academy, at Hilton, and was pretty impressed by the faculty.

They were from the US and pretty lively ladies. They were teaching elementary level classes.

Any views on the cambridge international school for girls?

No clue Mate. Sorry.


whats your contact details

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Hi,  I am new to Doha. We arrived from The Netherlands 3 weeks ago. I have 2 boys aged 9 and 3. My older son was following the intl curriculum in NL and enjoyed his school there.They have recently got admission in Newton Internatioal Academy in Barwa city. Any idea how this school is in terms of teaching, children company and their behaviour, facilities etc ? Would appreciate the response.

Hi all,
I am considering a job offer in Doha. Need your kind advises on school for my two children. My daughter is 11 while my boy is 5. My daughter currently follows my country's curricular while my boy is attending kindergartens.

1. Any thoughts or comments on the Cambridge International School for Girls?
2. If I prefer British Curriculum, any other schools that is worth considering?

Thank you

do you know al shouifat fees for KG1

I agree with you Tony ...the good teachers always leave the school..they treat the students like becomes worse now..especially for secondary students.. Their female DP coordinator is worse ever.. looks like students to her is criminal..the anxiety in this school was increase many years ..  secondry students was talk.. Laughing by their self..the school dont follow every slogan their make..

Any review on park house school. I have a 5 years old son and a 11 years old daughter.
All help highly appreciated.


Which school have you decided to go for.
I will be coming soon with my 2 kids aged 11 and 5

Hi All,

welcome to Doha and hopefully you will enjoy it here. Private schools in Doha are the best way to go, Public schools have no discipline and the students just run wild while the teachers just sit back and watch. 

Arab International Academy is a key player in today’s educational system in Qatar as it raises the standards of education while developing knowledgeable and compassionate learners. Guided by the International Baccalaureate system, Arab International Academy has developed distinguished curricula in both English and Arabic that offer a well-rounded educational experience to all of its students, thus becoming one of the best educational institutions at the local and national levels.

You can check their site here:

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