Teaching experience with Al Maha Academy for Girls

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a teaching experience with Al Maha Academy for Girls?
Thank you :)


What is it you want to know?


If you have an offer in Al Maha Academy. Its a great academy here and great salaries.

Is this the same for the Al maha academy for boys?

Hi. Would you know what it is like to teach at Al maha academy for boys?

Al Maha Academy for Boys and Girls, is a same institution, in two separate modern buildings in the same property (one for girls, one for boys)... I live just the opposite side across the street...

Would you know anything about the school itself?
Or anyone who works there?

Unfortunately I know nothing about it...

Hi, I have been offered a position at Al Maha girls academy and was also wondering if anyone has any first hand experience?

Thank you

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A small research about Al Maha academy, the Management is little bit strict towards the teacher should mingle in all work activity. (You cannot say this work activity not included in my contract letter.)  Before getting the offers try to negotiate your salary. Don’t think it’s easy to get Increment annually.  Parents can complaint the Management by taking online Survey only for Al Maha Academy KG Section.

The performance of the staff is RAG  (Red-Amber-Green) rated with a view to the needs of the Academy to maintain standards and future planning decisions. After each RAG rating session of staff a meeting is booked by the
Head teacher with the Principal and Vice Principal to discuss levels, concerns and the step-plan for staff development and the Professional Development needs of individuals, departments and whole Academy.

Please refer to the Al Maha Report

Hi !! You stay opposite to Almaha Academy .I too want to join as a KG teacher . I stay close to this school .I am an Indian .But is there a chance for me to join as a teacher .I have experience in Doha in a British curriculum for last 1 yr . Almost and previous to that I worked in an Indian curriculum for a year.Plz .help me find a job in this school .

Hi. What is al maha boys academy in Doha like?

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