Summer or Winter uniform in September?

We are (hopefully) joining St Edwards in September.  I'm buying school shoes while I'm still in London as my son's feet are hard to fit.... but i can't get a hold of anyone on the school phone number.  Will they start back in summer uniform and then change to winter, or will they start back in winter uniform?  Different coloured shoes!

Thanks for your help :-)

Summer uniform until Oct/Nov and it's even been December before they change...Dependent on the weather.

Thank you!  Are you a St Edwards parent?  I'm wondering what i should focus on buying while i'm in a big city (and before my last minute rush when we arrive in malta only a few days before school starts)....  Years 1 and 4.

No, my kids don't go to St. Edwards. School bags are very expensive here. Is that years 1&4 as in age 5&8? If so, then the 8 year old will need a large bag. Otherwise it's best to get the stationary from here as they call things differently here and you're likely to get the wrong thing. Bulk socks would be good too. Cheaper in UK. If there's anything else I can think of, I will let you know.

Thank you!  I was thinking about bags but wasn't sure how big they needed to be... perhaps i should just buy them and then can replace if needs must.

Very helpful to know in advance :-)

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