What is the scope of job for a female software developer

Hi all ,
Please help me  know the scope of job for a female software developer.
if i come  in search of job for visit visa?
Or come as a dependent on  my husbands visa?
is there in any difference..??

its better u come on ure husband dependent visa. there are lots of IT jobs it depends upon experience though. if not as a developer u can get into teaching at leading universities in oman. my friend was a developer now he works as a lecturer in one of the colleges and he earns pretty good. by the way he is new to oman as well. its been 5months for him

Is it easy to get a job when we are on dependent visa.?
because im planning to come  next month on visit visa but my husband will come only next year.
we are planning to get settled there  by next year. but now i have resigned  my current job.
so i would like to know if i come next month on visit visa and find a job  there and later my husband join me next year.
so that i wolud not have  a gap in my career or i dont need to take up a new job in my country for a  shot term.
please help me by giving your valuable suggestions.

thanks richie for your valuable reply.

Then it's better u come on visit and try looking for a job. Before u come try to forward ure resumes to the respective colleges and universities and also try Bahwan cybertek they always need IT professionals for teaching. I'm sure u will find a good job and settle. It's better not to keep a gap in career dear

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