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Hi hello Any body know what is the E CARD next process Am live in Malaysia and last time i give one of Chines man he have Compny BHQ cleaning services Compny and i ask him to apply my Work permit and he will take me in immgrtion And make my E CARD and know he ask me to pay rm 5600 and you can get work permit in 6 to 8 weeks is Ture any body know  what is the next process of work permit and way they immgrtion catching E CARD people also know day's so know the boss ask me to pay for iman fee and Lave fee and other fee i dont also it's the truth or not any body can update pls accept my request thanks

Unfortunately that's what is happening to foreign workers. They are being made to pay all the fees and company levies in order to be made legal. What you are being asked to pay is about the usual amount. But the deadline has now passed, so I think no more applications can be made right now: … -deadline/

Employers should have gone to immigration to get the e-card - which is free of charge and not used an agent. … yers-told/

I Allready have the e card with me what is the next step to get the my work permit?

Your boss makes the application and he wants you to pay fees. What others have done is for the boss to deducted from monthly pay for 12 months. So you would pay the fees slowly over time. It would mean you get less money every month. You can arrange with him how much  you want to pay back each month. Maybe you can suggest that to him.

His security will be that if you stop working for him, he can report you to immigration and then when you are found you can be deported.

May i know way know day's Malaysian
immgrtion catching the e card holder people pls anybody there can update me pls thanks

Zahid - Is your E-card for one year?  I think you are OK because the deadline was to get the E-card. I will look at what the newspapers stories say. I think you can now get the WP any time, before the end date of your E-card. Your boss should do this.

It may be a good ideas to keep all your work sheets, pay packets, anything you have, just keep it (or  photo) so you can show if necessary. You could also take photos of where you are working, your uniform, etc.

Nobody can tell. Which date and where

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