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if i accept Islam and wanted live here in Malaysia with my family future live and don't wanted to back my country so Malaysian government or Malaysia people can help me to give the ic here for live Malaysian citizen we need some body help if any body there who can help me about that to make my ic and my family ic to live here in Malaysia and we can live here here future life with my family

Unfortunately it does not work like that. You can change your religion but that would not give you any rights to remain in Malaysia. You would still hold a Pakistan passport and be subject to the immigration rules for visiting Malaysia i.e. visitors visa, work visa, etc. It takes many years of living here before you could apply for citizenship or a permanent residence. Unless you have a lot of money (around USD2 million) then you can apply for PR - but it would not change your citizenship from being Pakistan - just a sticker in your passport. If you want to stay in Malaysia, you would need to find a job and the salary would need to be RM5000 per month so that you can have your wife and children live with you in Malaysia (dependent pass). You could claim political asylum but that is quite a serious step to take as there is no financial assistance to people.

Am Allready  live here in Malaysia from last 5 year's am came from Pakistan visitor visa then i bring my wife here under visitor visa after that my two kid's born here they have Malaysian birth certificate and we are Christian and know we wanted to accept Islam but we don't wanted to go back in Pakistan also and if i wanted to live here in Malaysia how long we have to take visa again and again because we wanted to live here future life and Malaysia is Muslim country here have Muslim people they cannot help people and Malaysian government don't have any rules for Fournier who accept Islam and they can help us for give us Malaysian Pr
So after we accept we can live here with my family any mosque any Malaysian people they cannot adopt us if they adopt us we can get the Pr or not ?

Converting to Islam does not bring any immediate beneficial treatment in Malaysia. 

Even though your children were born in Malaysia, they are not Malaysian citizens and cannot apply for a Malaysian passport because citizenship follows the nationality of the father or the mother.

1. If you are still working in Malaysia in a highly skilled job such as banking, technology, teaching, etc. you may be able to apply for a PR. But you would need to still hold your employment pass and not have left the country.

2. Another option if your annual salary is more than RM15,000 per month you can apply for a TalentCorp 10 year pass - … ations.pdf

3. Open a business with a Malaysian partner (capital required RM 350,000) or open a Labuan company and have RM250,000 to get Director's work permit/dependent pass.

4. Malaysia My Second Home  visa

ABOUT PR - Who is Eligible to Get Permanent Residency in Malaysia

Permanent residency eligibility is divided into the following categories:

High net worth individual;
Spouse of a Malaysian citizen; or
Applicants who meet the point system. -

High Net Worth Individuals
The first eligible category, which is through an application based on being a high net worth individual, is probably the easiest due to the least amount of requirements needed by the State Immigration Office. According to the Malaysian Immigration, those applying as a high net worth individual need only to open a fixed deposit account with a minimum amount of USD 2 million at any Bank in Malaysia, although it can only be withdrawn after a period of five years. An added bonus to applying as a high net worth individual, besides only needing to fulfill the previous mentioned requirement, is that the applicant’s spouse and children under 18 years old will also be eligible for a permanent residency after five years of stay in Malaysia.

The second category to be a permanent resident in Malaysia requires more effort and work, as it requires a person with talent or skills in certain industries.  These industries include health and medical, sports, science, technology, banking and finance, among many others. Applicants also need a recommendation by the relevant corresponding local agency to their field of expertise in Malaysia and are instructed to submit a certificate of good conduct from their country of origin in order to apply for PR. While not clearly stated, this category of eligibility is probably intended for those who are publicly known in their field of work.

The third category involves more demands than the previous method of application and is catered for eligible professionals. Similar to the previous path, those applying for PR as a professional needs to be recommended by a relevant local agency in Malaysia and needs to produce a certificate of good conduct from their country of origin. However, unlike the previous path, the ‘professional’ applicant is compelled to have a minimum of three years working experience for either a government agency or a private company. In addition, the PR status of an applicant using the third path will only be decided within a month of application submission according to the immigration website, although there is no guarantee that an applicants’ submission would be approved by that given time.

Malaysian Citizen’s Spouse
This category is the most demanding for anyone who wants to obtain a PR through these methods. To be eligible for this category it requires an applicant to be a spouse of a Malaysian citizen for a minimum of five years before proceeding further. The applicant also needs to have been issued a long term visit pass and has to have been living continuously in Malaysia for a period of five years along with having at least one Malaysian sponsor.

Application Through A Point-Based System
The last and fifth eligible category is the longest way to obtain a Malaysian permanent resident status. It requires an applicant to go through a point-based system and achieve a minimum of 65 points out of a total of 120 in order to be considered.  On top of that, applicants using the point-based system also need to have one Malaysian sponsor as well as a certificate of good conduct from their country of origin.

How To Apply
Applications must be submitted in the prescribed form to the Immigration Department of Malaysia in Putrajaya for category 2 or any State Immigration Office for categories 1, 3, 4, and 5.

Upon submission of the application, the individual applicant and his sponsor are required to attend an interview at the immigration department.

If you’re applying as part of category 1, 2, or 3, you must provide a recommendation by the relevant agency in Malaysia with your application.

Just because you accept Islam does mean you will get an IC.

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