Foreigner Marriage in Malaysia

Dear Expats :-)

i am visiting Malaysia at the moment and my Fiance is also coming here from UK over the visit visa

what is the procedure of registering our marriage here over the visit visa?
we both are Muslim visitors .,

Kindly your guidance will be really big help

Thanks a lot.

Anyone ?  :sick

Hi there. I saw your post asking for help in your marriage process in Malaysia. To be frankly, I actually provide marriage service for foreigners who wish to get marry in Malaysia. I have assisted many couples successfully married in Malaysia. I understand that alot of foreigners might face difficulty with the processes so that where I come in to assist them to make it simple. If you are interested on my service, please don't hesitate to reply me.

The best for questions like these is to visit
that link is in English.

Hope that helps.
Do drop me a message if you have any more inquiries.

I am planning to get married in Malaysia in Sept. I'm from Canada and my fiancé is from Cambodia. We are there from Sept 13 until Sept 30th. Is this possible or should I write it off. Any info would be appreciated.
Thank you.

Sorry. Wrong date. Sept 13th to Sept 20th
Me bad.

This explains everything. The time constraints seem to be 7 days in Malaysia before you can apply to be married, 21 days before marriage can take place, marriage needs to be registered, only then can certificate be issued. … e/1020.htm … e/1021.htm

Important: Original letter confirming marital status[1]: Single Status Certificate from the applicant's country of origin or Certificate of No Impediment (CNI) completed in Malaysia (by Embassy)

Hi there.
So here's the thing.
My fiancée is from Cambodia and I am from Canada. We will be in Kuala Lumpur for seven days only. Is this enough time to get married there. I am aware of the paperwork I need and my fiancé.
What I'm not sure about is the time it takes to process the "package". It takes 2-3 days to process my paperwork then I have to go to the Malaysia forien affairs building to apply permission there. I also have no idea what my fiancé has to do to get permission. I would assume she needs to get her letter of single status from her embassy in Malaysia but after that not to sure. 
Would you think we can do this in that timeframe?  We will get to Malaysia on Sept the 13th at 11:40.  We leave on the 20th at around 1pm.
Thank you for your time.

Preliminaries To Marriage (Marriage Application)

A person applying for marriage must have been resident in the marriage district for a period of not less than seven (7) days.

So you don't have time as you need to be in Malaysia for 7 days before you can start the process of applying to be married.

Ok. Thank you.
So is there any way I can process the paperwork before I arrive there?  I can come there a week early but would like to meet my friends back in Cambodia. We would arrive in Malaysia on Sept 3-4 th then fly back to Siem Reap on Sept 11th. Then we would all come. Ack to Malaysia on Sept 13th to the 20th. Would that work?
I would also be interested in what your services are and what they would cost.

This is what the first link provided EARLIER says........ note that the marriage cannot take place for 21 days *** (check out these sections marked below). Usually the person who applies for any paperwork has to be present - they are not issued to third parties.


Preliminaries To Marriage (Marriage Application)

A person applying for marriage must have been resident in the marriage district for a period of not less than seven (7) days.

If both parties to the marriage reside in the same marriage district then both have to fill and sign Form JPN.KC02 (Application Form, Notice of Marriage and Written Declaration) [2] in the presence of the Registrar of Marriages. Only one (1) such notice is required.

If both parties to the marriage reside in different marriage districts then notice must be given to the Registrar of Marriages of each marriage district.

Supporting documents must be attached to Form JPN.KC02.

The Written or Statutory Declaration, embodied in Form JPN.KC02, has to be made in the presence of the Registrar who shall attest the same. The Written Declaration incorporates a declaration of no lawful impediment to the marriage and that all the requirements have been complied with.

You will have to remit a payment of RM30 for marriage certificate and certification.

Your two witnesses need not present during submission of application.

You must decide the date for solemnisation of your marriage. This has to take place within six (6) months from the date of publication of the Notice of Marriage.

Upon receipt of your application and supporting documents and fee, the Registrar of Marriages (ROM) will publish the ***Notice of Marriage*** by posting it on a notice board of the Registry for *** twenty-one (21) days*** for normal marriage.

The Registrar of Marriages (ROM) will issue a Certificate for Marriage ***after the expiration date of publication of the Notice of Marriage****.

Solemnisation of Marriage

You must then arrange for your marriage to be solemised by the Registrar of Marriage.

If solemnisation of your marriage does not take place within the specified period, a fresh application has to be submitted.

Both parties must be suitably attired. Shorts, skirts above the knees, sleeveless tops, T-shirts, jeans, skin-tight pants or leggings, flip-flops and slippers are not allowed.

Your marriage need to be solemnised in the presence of at least two credible witness besides the Registrar. Your witnesses, who may be friends or relatives, must be citizens of Malaysia, at least 21 years of age and could understand the declarations made during the ceremony.

The Registrar of Marriages will enquire both parties, directly or through an interpreter, whether they know of any lawful impediment to the marriage and if they are marrying on their own free will.

Registration of Marriage

Immediately after the solemnisation is performed, the Registrar will enter the prescribed particulars in the marriage register, which will be attested by both parties to the marriage and by the two witnesses.

Please note that it is VERY IMPORTANT to check the entry in the marriage register to ensure the details are correct. It can be a complex process to make any correction in the marriage register after signing it.

Both parties to the marriage and the two witnesses must produce the relevant documents to the Registrar of Marriage.

After the marriage has been registered, a Marriage Certificate will be issued by the Registrar.

You need to stay for 90 days before you can get married. We have been here almost 90 days now and I hope we can get it over with soon

Get married in Thailand. We came to Malaysia to get married but it is a 90 days waiting time before you can get married. We wanted to get married in Thailand but my GF can not get a visa. Now we are shopping around in Malaysia trying to get married. I can't say, you might be lucky and get married right away

Kepe - why 90 days?  Normally the rule is 21 days before the marriage can take place from the time the legal announcement is made (upon application) and then that permission is valid for 6 months.

We have to get a muslim marriage, due to the citizenship of my gf and the law of Malaysia. We have been doing all that is needed but the mosque said, come back after 90 days. I don't know why, but that is what they told me. I had a friend in South Malaysia check up on a marriage a few days ago and he said they did marry without a visa. It has been a run around. Actually I was warned before coming to Malaysia from Kenya, to get married in Kenya and then go for vacation in Malaysia. Anyway, we can not stay and will get a civil registry marriage in Kenya. That can be done in a week.

Hi Please Contact me ***

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Kepe - the marriage must be Muslim not civil and you need to convert or your gf will run into many problems.

dear expact  i need any email or adress of any registorers or assistant for muslim forieghn in kl

packoty - … an-muslims

HI I need help with this

Contact member AmaniLim via her PM (see her post above).

Hi Dayita, I have pm you. Tq.

We were told by the Mosque in KL to wait 90 days unless we had resident visa, work permit or student visa

I converted already, did not make much of a difference. Yes we can get a civil marriage in Kenya if we wish. Muslims do it too

hi kype so did u go juala lumpur as avisit visa to get married there
from which country ??
and why u have to wait in there ??
pls answer

Hi actually depend on situation. If both are Muslim, you can get married within the month itself. But if the gal side is a convert then definitely you required to stay for at least 90 days due to the gal need a wali hakim so she need a court letter. But if both are born Muslim, then the marriage can be done within the month itself. If you have any question, can direct pm me for further info. Tq.

I have heard from the internet it was easy to get married in Malaysia. We wanted to make a nice trip out of it but the mistake was not to get married in Kenya first. We are now married in Kenya, it was easy

where is kynea pls
is it in malysia

Are you able to provide a contact number to discuss marriage registration. Appreciated

Hi Sparker2017, I have message you personally. Tq.

I personally recommend Amani Lim which can be reached at ***

My partner and I are in the process of obtaining our marriage certificate with her services.

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Hi, Amanilim would you plz pm me your contact details ? Wanna know about marrige in malaysia .

Thank u

Hi Amani Lim

I need your help me,  how to progress foreigner marriage in Malaysia 

Please this may email address (***)  waiting your urgent repose to discus with you

Thank you

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Hi Pharm. I have message you. Please check your inbox. Tq.

Hey guys don't mind, whoever believes in "marriages are made in heaven" should consult their respective embassy for trouble free marrages. I think legally you will get all the support and informations. It's better for both of you

I am sorry if I disturbed

May I get your number please mail me: ***

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Hi I have pm you. Tq.

Hi, I'm interested in your services. I am planning to marry my Filipina girl friend here in KL. can you please advise me on how to contact you further to discuss this. Thanks

Hi there amanalim can I have your email so that I can reach you because I need your help for marriage

Hi, I have a Vietnamese girlfriend working in Malaysia and we would like to be married there in KL. Can she as a resident there on a work visa start the marriage process before i arrive so that I can come after the 21 days and then marry. Thank you in advance for any assistance.

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