PHCC Qatar working hours and days for a Consultant Family Physician


I am offered a Consultant Family Medicine doctor position in PHCC at grade 114. However, I heard that doctors need to do 1 full weekend which makes me work 12 days straight. I would like to know if this is right?

Can Someone please advise regarding the work days, weekends off and working shifts at PHCC?

Thank you so much.

Dr. Nasir

My husband and I have just received offer letters from PHCC but with no job plan attached.
It's not great.. 40 days leave (previously 50).. annual economy return flights to home country (previously business class).. no annual leave to be taken in the first 10 months.. a 3 year contract (previously one year).. also the salary we have been offered is comparable to what my husband is currently earning in the U.K. after tax!!

Finally because both my husband and I have offers we only receive one lot of perks/ benefits.

We have asked for a specific job plan from PHCC detailing the working hours/ shifts/ days etc but we are not hopeful! Especially with the current political situation!


I too am considering job with PHCC

Any further update or information??

Also is this job with primary care centre or the walk in clinic. I believe a lot of the jobs PHCC are currently recruiting are for walk in clinic which is busier than the primary care clinics and you see mainly minor injuries on a walk in basis.

The hours are longer as well 7-3 or 3-11 and you do 1-2 weekends per month. You do 12 days in a row but get days in lieu off???

Anyone have any further info or update???


I am a GP from UK with MRCGP and MRCP. I have recently cleared my Skype interview for a position as a family practitioner with PHCC.
I am also a GP trainer and GP with special interest in dermatology in UK.
What salary should I expect in Qatar.
How is the pay structure there,working environment and living environment.
All suggestions highly appreciated.

hi i received an offer from phcc grade 108 as nurse what would be my benefits as its not says there the complete packge, for accomodation only it says provided, and also what about the pregnancy policy , iam married but still dont have kids, am i also eligible to get family visa?

Hello! I am also offered for a nurse position to be deployed in PHCC. Is it okay to ask how long should i wait for the whole process? Thank you so much in advance :)

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