HMC Recruitment Process

Dear, After the interview , what is the next step of recruitment of HMC....

Dear Sha12345

They will confirm you about your selection, then they will send you initial offer letter

If you agree on the terms and conditions you may sign it and send it back otherwise you have all rights to argue with them about your package

Once you sign and send your offer letter to them, they will start credentialing of your documents, they will send you a form to fill and send it back to them

After this all they will ask you to send all Attestation's documents from Qatar embassy

Like education, experience, medical, Marriage, police clearance etc

After all this you send they will put you on board stage after that they will issue your visa and call you to join

But I am not sure how long it will take, because I am at on boarding stage since oct 2015 and now they are telling me that this year there is no vacancy for the position I got selected hahahahah.

So best of luck

thanks for your information...your which position for selected.

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