I am looking for any BANGLADESHI living / Working in Lagos ?


I am Saeed Mohammad Ali a professional Biomedical Engineering consultant looking for any Bangladeshi living in Lagos / Abuja please.

                        25 May 2017

Hi Saeedmdali,

Perhaps you could tell us why so that members contact you ?

all the best,


I am looking for any male Bangladeshi expatriate in Lagos / Abuja, if I can contact him or he can contact me; I  need help from him, if he is willing to, then it is a kind of business information I need to collect from Lagos. Thanks.

saeedmdali           25 May 2017

Why do you have to know that info from a Bangladeshi male? Anyone who stayed here in Lagos or any local can help you with that..also Indians can speak for the same.

There are so many Indians that are successful if you post your questions i am sure people will be able to answer.

btw, i've always wanted to eat fish bekti...the one i had in Culcatta in 2010..

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