looking for bengali community in lagos

Recently I came to Lagos and staying in Ikoyi. I am looking for bengali speaking community.

Hi tapashghosh,

Welcome to :)

A small introduction will be a good starting point as it will help the other members to know more about you. :)
What brings you to Lagos?

Priscilla team

I am presently working as Finance Controller in one of the Heineken owned, subsidary company in Nigeria.

Hi Taposh da. How are u doing? Can u see my thread and reply? You can also send me message

Dear Amit,
Normally expats in Nigeria are offered -
a. Free furnished accomodation with Gas and electricity,
b. Car with Driver (full time) and
c. Steward
d. Local allowance
e. Salary in doller terms.

Now, if you stay in Ikoyi, Victoria Island area, accomodation will cost you USD 2500. However, if you stay in Ilopichu, it may be reduced by 30% to 40%. Car for 10 hours use will cost you around USD 800 and Steward USD 150. Food and other cost will be around USD 500. Hence, your spending will be around USD 4000 per month.
This is to give you an idea.

Hi Mr. Tapas, pl reply so that I can write

Dear nka
Let us know something about you. Are u from kolkata?

Hi Tapas, yes am from Kolkata, presently at NOIDA, just retired ( @ 58 Years) from MNC, and was posted in Ghana, some negotiation is going with one company working at Lagos, however I have seen the thread of your reply to Amit, if my position clicks , shall I contact you for Salary and other negotiation,

However r u from Kolkata , then which place??, am from Dumdum..

Dear Sir,
My family is residing in Panditia, Rash Bihari Avenue.
I have not understood  your proposal clearly.
I can provide you some information about lagos, Nigeria because I am staying here.
I did not understand my role in your salary and other negotiation.
If you are interested, give me your contact number, so that, we can keep in touch through whattsapp.
tapash ghosh

Hi Tapsh, Thanks for response,
I don`t have android set, hence we shall go thr`o this blog or my email nka1954[at] , else FB ID nabakumar adhikary,

However negotiation is under process, only thing I wanna to know USD 1000.00, plus accomd, car/Driver, gas & electricity etc. shall it be ok to save 50%...

Hello tapas, please contact us by mail , bcoz we r coming on logas in same place.  Reply me on:saurav.manna[at]

Hiee, tapas da, ami logas a aschi august a, please kichu tips dio . Coming for job in mnc company in lagos. All facility+ $1300 savings r giving by company. So let me know travell guide. Ki ki songe ante lagbe initially. Please mail me on:saurav.mannamanna[at]

@ saurav manna > Please post in english only on this english speaking forum. It will help the members to understand and willing to communicate with you.

Thank you,

Priscilla  :cheers:

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Am a professional practical electrical engr ,presently am working with cmb building & investment in ajah lekki in lagos . i need a change of job in lagos,portharcourt and owerri

Any idea about mohanani group in Lagos

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