South Africans in Ikeja Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria

Howzit fellow South Africans in Lagos. If you looking to meet fellow South Africans in Ikeja Mainland Lagos, let me know. We meet regularly in Ikeja GRA on a Friday night for drinks & socializing. We will be having braai's & potjie kos once a month. If you are an expat from another country feel free also to join us - the more the merrier. Contact me via this post & I will give you further details - please spread the word to other fellow South Africans who are not on this blog. Cheers

Lets see how many takers!!

if your potje or braai happens to be on Friday 8th November... I AM THERE!! haha

Howzit Ryan

No problem we have one every weekend so when you arrive give me a shout.


Happy New Year to all South Africans staying in Lagos, Nigeria. Have a wonderful year ahead in Lagos

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Hey, May I ask how far is Ikeja from Ikoyi?

About 35minutes away by Car without traffic. Not far

It is not far but you have to cross the bridge so don't go at night
The only thing in Ikeja is Ikeja City Mall, Ikoyi is better, stay there by night

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