Naturalisation and citizenship in Russia

Hello everyone,

What are the requirements for acquiring citizenship in Russia? For example, length of residence, language requirements, employment etc..

What formalities are involved in the process?

What is the policy on dual-citizenship in Russia? Do you have to give up your former nationality?

What are the advantages and benefits of acquiring Russian citizenship, in your opinion?

Thank you for sharing your experience.


Interesting to know not just requirements but real experience. Anyone?

Dear Bhavna, good day. I will consult you on all these requests this week.
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Dear Bhavna, could you tell me what country nationality you have currently ? and weather you are already in Russia or you are planning to visit it ?

niki2002 :

Dear Bhavna, could you tell me what country nationality you have currently ? and weather you are already in Russia or you are planning to visit it ?

The lady is one of the forum's  senior moderators who started the thread to generate interesting and useful topics, not because she has any special interest in any given country.

so it means my answer is not required?

niki2002 :

so it means my answer is not required?

It means if you actually have an answer, please share it here for others. You need not direct it at any individual.

But if you do want to direct an answer to anyone in particular, I could use it especially at this point. I've been residing near Moscow for a month with my wife. Applying for work - first in-person interview Wednesday. Having been learning the language as best I can for a year or two - can understand most signs and the topic of most conversations. Wish to obtain citizenship. Also plan to bring my daughter here as soon as possible, but a little concerned that Anglo schools can cost $30,000 per year. Any helpful tips would be very greatly appreciated!

Good day. For all foreigners the scheme applied is ether standard or non-standard simplified. Simplified scheme for Russian citizenship is applied for those who has married spouse of Russian nationality or the child from Russian citizen and any other specified conditions. Otherwise the standard scheme is applied. First step is to get a temporary residence permit. The second step is to get a residence card. The second step is possible after one year of residing with temporary residence permit. For high-qualified professionals who went here for job and whose salary is more than 160 000 rubles, the first step might be avoided and they may shift to the second step immediately.
The third step is to get a citizenship itself.  For standard case, it is possible after 5 years of residing in Russia, based on earlier residence card. For simplified case, it is possible after half a year after residing here , based on earlier residence card.
Whether to keep duel citizenship or not, it is country-wise and in most cases there is no need to reject the first citizenship.
Hope my answer brought some clarity, in case do not hesitate to ask any other questions.

Thank you! Here's a footnote for those following along: … -in-russia

Niki  this is the first time I get this type of open advice,its very helpful to anyone whos are interested to get the russian citizenship. now my question ,I am Indian citizen,as there is very very good relation with Indian govt so there is  dual citizenship is possible?

Great share guys! Very well informed indeed.

Thank you

Good day, in your case the dual citizenship is possible, we may do it.

Yes, this is the truth.  I am following this course after working here for ten years.   Matter is more simple is you know people who have connections with authorities.

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