Living expenses and everything about Zarqa

Hi. I am a dr working as assistant professor in a medical college in india. I have 2yrs experience. I had applied directly to hashemite university and after few months they are hiring me as assistant prof. My Q's:
1. Has anyone ever directly applied to a university. I am kind of surprised why did they select me without interview. I didn't receive offer letter yet but i have submitted my documents.

2. Tentative salary offered is 2400JD. Is this good salary for a univ job?

3. I may move with family ~ wife and 3 kids. Is the abive salary sufficient for moderate not lavish lifestyle?

4. How much is house rent in zarqa?

5. How is the local transport in zarqa? Is car mandatory as in some parts of saudi arabia?

6. How is the political situation in zarqa and jordan overall?  Is  it a safe country?

7. Are there indian or international schools in zarqa?  How much is fees?

8. Are doctors teaching in university required to pass any license exam?

9. Generally how much is grocery bill for 5 members?

10. How much expense on electricity, driniking water, lpg etc ?


Congratulations on your job!

I have one question for you :

Before you applied,  you didn't search information about Jordan?
What makes it for you interest to search for a job in Jordan without zero knowledge?

Thanks a lot.
I have been applying for jobs not only for jordan but also to universities of canada, uk, irelenad, jordan, kuwait, oman, Bahrain, saudi, uae, qatar, malaysia, Singapore, china, Australia, new Zealand, Fiji....
Prime reason for searching job abroad is im stuck in a low paying job in india and no other univ of india has capacity to pay more. So working abroad is the only option for me.

I was born in saudi and have lived there for many years during childhood so im acquainted to middle east to some extent and thus jordan has been in my list.

Another reason why i prefer Jordan is 1JOD = 1INR this makes lot of sense for an average indian.

I can enlist more such reasons. Now please clear my doubts if u know the answers

I understand that money is the main reason and I won't judge you for that.
But you have other reasons to apply in certain countries. It would be wise to search for general information about the countries of your choice and don't let the money talk!

Its not so easy for a doctor to change country. Every country asks for its own license exam. If u have the time try browsing through medical forums of usa and canada where many doctors fail to clear license exams and they end up as taxi drivers or janitors when they were practising doctors in their home country.  Its not at all an easy task to clear us and canadian license exans especially those who finished med school years back. This obstacle of license exam is kept only for doctors.

Reg general info... r u conveying that jordan must not be in my list? If  a country provides me sufficient salary to take care of my family and is also safe enough to work then why shouldn't i apply for such country be it jordan or any other nation?

And yeah... finding a job itself is a major task. After searching extensively for 2 yrs in so many countries i got call from zarqa...
Theoretically i can say i love Netherlands but what if im not eligible to work in Netherlands... it would be waste of time searching jobs there. Similarly there have been not a single vacancy in saudi arabia , oman, kuwait, bahrain, caribean since 2 years. What's the use if i round off to 1 country and research its conditions when theres no vacancy?

At least the half of your questions can be find online.

But no worries, i can help you to give the information i know and share with you:

I don't know how much a doctor in a university earns or should earn but I can say that a salary of 2OOO JD a month is a salary where only many people can dream of.
You must understand that the average of a Jordanian income is somewhere between 300- 600 JD a month and they have to share it with large families as well. There are people who have less than 300 JD.
With that money you can do a lot and it all depends on your lifestyle, social circumstances and so on. 

Jordan is a safe and stable country and it will remain that way too. Even single women can easily traveling safe through Jordan. As anywhere else there are area's in Jordan which are less safe and if you use your commons sense then nothing will happen to you.
Beside the safety part, Jordan is a beautiful country to live in with very warm and welcoming people all around you.

If you are planning to discover Jordan in weekends and vacations or just to be independent, i advice to buy a car. Life is so much easier without the hassle of taxi's.

Amman is ranked as the most expensive city in the Middle East and somewhere in the twenties as on the world list. I have no experiences about housing or living costs in Zarqa but in general life can be cheap as you know where to buy. Imported goods are much more expensive than local produced items and not everything is available. In Amman you have more chance to find something than in Zarqa as the most expats life there.
Most of the stuff comes from China and often of bad quality: clothes, shoes, furniture, household items to name a few.

All your questions about the medical subject, I advice to contact your future employer.

I hope this will help you to make a decision.

Thanks a lot that was really very helpful

Another Q: How commonly is English spoken in jordan?  Especially outside amman?

It's spoken, but often not well. How's your Arabic, since you were born in Saudi?

PS - my experience is that Zarqa is more conservative than Amman. Will your wife & kids be ok with that?

Thanks for the guidance bratty. I am very poor in arabic. I didnt stay in saudi for long.
By Conservative, is zarqa like saudi arabia? Conservativeness of saudi is very much tolerated and accepted by ny family

Dr. Fuzz,

Im an Assistant Prof as well. The salary is good and I advice u to go ahead. Dont worry about the culture and language since u had experience with it before, you will be ok. Good luck

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