How to plan trip to Algeria


I'd like to visit Algeria for the first time and plan to spend 30 days there.

I'd appreciate tips and advice on how to organize my trip to Algeria. 

most importantly what is the cost of living in Algeria ? which places are cheaper/expensive ?
can i rent a studio on a weekly or daily basis ? what are the most iconic destinations to visit ?
is traveling by land advisable or even driving alone ? Nightlife and entertainment.

i do speak Arabic so that should give me an edge as far as communicating and moving around the country.

The purpose of my trip is for pleasure and visiting some historic sites and photographing natural scenic locations.

Suggestions ?

Hey, I live In Algeria,
I would suggest to you to visit the following cities
Algiers, Oran. Bechar, Anaba, And Constantine
If your income is in $ when you convert them to Algerian Dinar you will have a lot money , 1 USD equals 110 DZD, generally it won't costs you much to travelling around the country the hotels are cheap not the 5 starts one but you can find a lot of 3 start cheap hotels as well as renting houses here's a great site to look for thing to rent/buy in Algeria but i guess you should type in arabic or french, Wish to you a nice trip, if you have any questions feel free to contact me

Thank you n Ramadan Kareem to you and your family.

hi sir im here for helping i can offer you what do you need

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