Deutschsprachige in Algiers

Wir sind auf der suche nach Deutschsprachigen in Algiers, da wir eventl. dieses Jahr noch nach Algerien ziehen werden. Mein Mann ist Franzose u. ich Österreicherin.
Bitte um kurze Rückmeldung.

Welcome on board  :cheers:

As this is an anglophone forum it's much appreciated if you communicate only in English on this forum.
This way everyone can understand what is written and participate.

Thanks for your cooperation.

didn t get the msg sorry  don t  ve no  german


We are looking for some Englisch and German speaking people in Algiers. We might move to Algiers this year. My husband David is French and I'm from Austria.

Would be nice to talk about the Country and capital City and how life is over there? Also which language classes in French can you recommend.


ah  that  good news expats wanna move to algeria any  way you  will find it a bit deffernce at the bigning but you will get to  use with it ppl are so  kind in  algers
good luck

Hi :)
Ich spreche Deutsch :D
Im Moment wohne ich nicht in Algerien, aber nächstes Jahr werde ich da umziehen mit meinem Mann (er ist Algerisch).
Ich bin eigentlich englisch aber meiner Mutter ist deutsch und deshalb spreche ich deutsch :)
Ich würde gerne mit dir sprechen. Diesen Sommer fahre ich nach Algiers, vielleicht könnten wir uns treffen :)

Hi :)
I speak German :D
At the moment I don't live in Algeria, but I will be moving there next year with my husband (he is Algerian).
I am actually English but my mum is German and that's why I can speak German :)
I would really like to talk with you. I will be travelling to Algeria this summer, maybe we could meet up :)

ich kann auch Detusch sprechen ,
:D  :lol:  :cheers:
i also can speak German

Welcome , feel free to ask about anything you want or need to know
i'll be glad to help

Kinda Regards

Hi Meriam,

Im Lauren,
I am married (in the Islamic way but not registered as an English marriage) with my Algerian husband, he's 47 and an estate agent in Ben Aknoun, im 48. I visited Algeria in march 2015 for one week and I enjoyed it (although i don't speak a word of the language) it's so incredibly cheap there (unlike London) and the weather is spectacular 🌴 ..i am a full time carer to a 87 year old lady and I will stay in the uk until my job is no more. I hope to rent my house out and move to Algiers thereafter inshallah ..which part of the UK are you from ?
Regards , Lauren xx

Hello ,
it is funny to hear you saying it's cheap in here ( comparing Algiers to London )
nothing is cheap in here without mentioning the bad service
crowded roads , dirty and smelly places ,,,,etc
but this is the world , there's good and bad places

:)  :D

Kind Regards

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