Algerians living in Australia

Are they any algerians living in Sydney or Australia? Or is there any Algerian community or associations within Australia that someone can tell me about?

nope :D

Lmao!!!  😂😂😜😜😘😘 yeah i see its a ghost town babe lol

Im Algerian living in Melbourne with my husband and two kids .im living in Australia from last two years but never met any Algerian yet .

how did he manage to get you there ? is it through a partner visa ? or another way ? me and my wife here are having trouble getting together ! would you share your experience ?

Hi tarek
I have applied my partner visa subclass 309 100 through Australian embassy  in india ,as my husband is indian so i waited over there for nearly 14 months to get the visa approval by contacting the case officer many times . How long you been applying for your partner visa ? They say the average time is between 6 months to 12 months .

Yes, there are many Algeriens living in Sydney..


Yes there are few Algerians living in Melbourne

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