new to sydney!

hi fellow expats! 
i'm marianna, 30, just moved to sydney a month ago from the states, staying on bondi beach and lovin the neighborhood. im pretty excited about getting to know the city but i left behind a solid crew of great friends and being a very social person, its been a bit of an adjustment. its been hard to meet people because i haven't started working yet and boyfriend's not a drinker so I haven't yet reached a point of parking myself alone on a stool in a pub.  i'm sure everyone goes through the transition so it'd be cool to meet some cool people to explore sydney with together. i'd love to go grab a drink in bondi or in the city!  we should organise a night for a bunch of us to go out, and get to know other travelers.  let me know who's in!

hiiiiiiiiiii,how are you,as I am going to move to Syney I think I will be in a same situation as you,so please share your info with me i it is possible;)

hey aidin!  cool stuff, when are you moving here? are you coming for work or play?  excited?? its really beautiful out here, you're going to love it!  any idea where you'll be staying yet?

HI mair,thnx for your coment,I will be in sydney for new year(2011),I will arrive there as PR and I wanna work and study both,and still I dont hve any idea about where can I stay,I hope you can help me,youcan connect me here or buzz me in my facebook page,you can ind me there with searching my name (aidin montazami),or also you can send an email for me to my yahoo id:aidin_mo1998  ,thnx again,I am waiting for your new massages

Hi Mair!

I'm a 30 year-old moving from the states as well.  I'm in the same situation; very sad to leave a great group of friends to go somewhere that I won't know anyone.  I'm also hoping to find a place on Bondi Beach.  I arrive in Sydney on August 11th and would love to grab a drink or lunch if you're up for it. What type of industy will you be looking for a job in?  I work in Advertising...planning to start looking for a job soon after I arrive.


Hi Mair

My girlfriend and myself moved to Bondi just over a month ago from London (i am also half canadian) - i am in my 30's she is in her 20's. We were in the same situation (lots of great friends at home and then suddenly not knowing anyone). We have now met some very nice and social people around Sydney. If you wanted to meet up with for a drink around Bondi in the evening then please just let me know - or if people wanted to have a group meet up that would be great as well



Hey Dylan,

Thats awesome, would love to meet you guys. I'm not working yet and am always up for a drink :)  Lemme know when you guys are getting together and we'll come and join you!

Hi Mair

Sorry for the delay!

If you and / or partner are around we could meet up either in Bondi tonight (tuesday) around 7.30 or on thursday evening (but may be with some other expats in Sydney CBD though) or we are going to an expat meet up on Friday (in Sydney Cnetral Businss District)

Let me know what you prefer and i will make sure i will check in on this page!


hey again, dylan!

friday sounds good, the expat meet up :) 
send me the info and we'll come by as well. 

Hi Mair

Below is a link to one of the expat website groups that are going. The person who organised this has invited quite a few groups so there could be a reasonable number attending. (Location: Shelbourne Hotel, 200 Sussex Street, Sydney)

these things tend to be quite good fun and everyone very friendly


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