Lost in Mauritius

Hello everyone; I'm Jennifer from Congo.  My husband  and I  newly settle in Mauritius.  He is Mauritian but left the country  20 years back and was coming just for breif visit to say hi to parents. Kids and I were so excited to shift here.  But now we are desapointed and sometime regret and want to go back.
But it too late ,we already shut down our great kinshasa life. Yes we had great life overthere. 
The only thing makes me shift here is
1. My second  son health
2. My first son higher schools.means my all kids education. I left a wonderful and lucrative carriere for my family.  But they are not happy here. They are completely lost In Mauritius.
In Congo English international education cost very very much and friends guess what ? I have 4 kids. So all our income goes on studies. We want the best education for our children. I worried for my 17 year and he don't have a  friend. I  can see how hard is it for them to start taking a bus and miggle with perfect strangers to go school.  While in my country they have a private car with driver. I can see how difficult it is for them to go a school with a teacher who don't speak a single  English word.  Kids overther don't even talk proper French. My kids have to go extensive French classes and try to cop with all this.  The worse is they are now silent and close.  They don't talk anymore. Only my daughter is trying her best. But I can see how difficult it is. It just kills me inside they were so popular overthere! Not a single day pass before seeing friends coming home or multiple calls.
We trying to give them even not same life standard but at least few. But they are still silent. We rent a house with swiming pool and close to a sea. I thought  swiming will maybe help them and change their mind but They don't even get in mostly my big teen. The other once a week only. They are not interrested at all.One day he told us that we mess up everything by coming here. Now my husband is seriously thinking to go back and rebuild our business there. But I think it too late now. He got very good skills on administration counting and logistics but when they propose him a job the salary offered is like the same to paye the house we rent.  Now how about kids schools? Oh yes did I mentioned that the kids goes to private and so called English schools?  Those schools are fake English schools and it money wastage for us. Now our life time saving are going and soon will finish and I'm in panic. I need to do something.
But what?

Hi, Do you live in the North?

I want to know if ever I can help in any way.


Yes . We are at trou aux biches.

Wow...disillusioned with Mauritius after DRC. Your letter is very touching and I feel for you. and understand your frustrations. I am sure things will improve although the salaries definitely won't...... Cost of living is way less here than in Kin.
I speak English, swim/dive and have lived in your country as well. I f I can help in any way let me know. Am also in T-a-B

Sorry to read your settling in seems so hard. What school do they go to out of curiosity? Education in Mauritius can be very very good. What about your husband's family? How long have you been here?
I have no wise words sorry, i have found Mauritius is one of the easiest spot we moved to.  So much to do, so much to visit. The kids took abit of settling in but it was ok really.
Good luck

Good day thank you very much I'm sorry for the late reply but I was admitted for health reasons.  They are at port louis city college.  I know life can be easier in Mauritius  we are trying now to reduice our expenses and searching for job or business opportunities.

Maybe you should try and send them to Northfields rather ? It's a great school and English speaking. We have just moved and are very very happy here.
I have 2 kids and they speak no French at all.

Dear all once again Mauritius gave me a huge slap. I lost my baby due to a non  medical care assistance on time inside the hopital.  Feeling hearbroken.  Giving up with Mauritius

Hi Jennifer Soobhug, wish you lots of courage. Couldn't be insensible to your message. So if there's anything or anyway I can help, please do tell.

One remark: the Port Louis City College is not, in my definition, a 'private English School'. They work on government grants normally and are just alternatives to 'government' colleges where you need a certain ranking to be admitted. Proper 'private English' speaking schools are Northfields, West Coast and Le Bocage, for example.

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