National Identity Card.

Hi there. I left my I.D card in Mauritius when i came over to Australia and it got lost there in Mauritius. Could anyone help me please??????  Am so far from my country and don't know what to do to get a new I.D. I really need my I.D card there to sell my car,( which is the reason why I left my card there ).

Thanks a lot to whoever can help me.
God bless you


You can't get a new ID card if you are not in Mauritius.

To get a new one, you will have to report to a police unit to get a memo certifying the loss of the card.
Then you have to go to the Mauritius National Identity Card Centre to re apply again.

Hi. Thanks for your reply but I can't travel at the moment. So I can't go back to Mauritius for the next year or two.

Thanks anyway.
Bless u

You might consider a power of attorney to someone you trust in Mauritius. That is your easiest solution if you cannot come to Mauritius anytime soon.


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