looking to connect with South African teachers in Vietnam

Hi , I'm Erik, a teacher from Cape Town, South Africa. I'm planning to go and teach in Vietnam in May, 2017, and I was hoping to connect with some South African teachers who are already in Vietnam to get some insight in to what life is like there. I would like to teach in Hanoi as it seems very interesting and challenging,  and there are a lot of places to go on weekend trips, eg. Halong Bay. If you have time, please PM me. Thanks!

Hi Erik!

I too am from Cape Town and heading to Vietnam in April, to explore the world of teaching and traveling. I'll be doing a TEFL course through one of the schools as soon as I arrive, since I don't have teaching experience.

I've put off booking my flight because I'm still rather uncertain whether the 'one way' or 'return' ticket is required.

I'm up the west coast, in Malmesbury, where in Cape Town are you from?


I'm originally from Wynberg, Cape Town; and I've lived in Hanoi for about 15 years, manly teaching English/IELTS. My wife Anh, and I would like to meet you when you arrive.


I am probably heading to Vietnam in May, in Thailand at present.  I hope to also hook up with some South Africans who can offer guidance.  I am a mature woman so not easy to find many people to connect with .. this is a good starting point.

Dear Sam,
thanks for the mail - a few pointers: I am also 'mature' (65+), I find it very difficult to find teaching work these days, the English schools are commercial, they cater to parents who expect teachers to be young and 'full of fun'. Very often job adverts set an age limit of 45.They prefer unqualified people (some have high school qualifications!) who look the part, and will accept low pay.
An alternative to private schools are classes at government schools, crowded classes (40+) of unruly teenagers, not for me! Perhaps a position may be available in an out of the way place that cannot find English teachers, three or four hours from Hanoi, you will be the only English-speaker, in isolation.
I hope I haven't destroyed your expectations, but I have seen too many  disappointed people leave when all they could get was $4/hour, 10 hours a week!
Good luck!


Thanks for the advice, not downhearted or put off.  I'm a bit younger than you (no disrespect :)) and have no expectations.  I'm fully aware that youngsters are preferred, same as in Thailand.  I am doing a lot of research at the moment looking at all options.  I do have a degree although it is not teaching.  In SA I was an HR/Skills Development & Training Manager, taught me people skills of all ages.  I also did Corporate Social Investment in townships which was mainly children associated.  I've done a TEFL course here in Thailand and do volunteer English for the "less fortunate".  I was just reaching out before I arrived as I have spent the last year on my own knowing no-one, always easier to have a fellow S. African who is already familiar in another country.  Thanks for your advice .. Definitely don't want rural jobs earning pittance.  I just stay positive and focussed as I cannot go home .. That is a long story on its own.

Good, I'm sure that your positive attitude will carry you through. I have some contacts here not the highest rate/hour, but a good start!
Look forward to meeting you.
Incidently, I run a 'Teacher's Guesthouse, fully booked at the moment, but there may be a vacancy later.

Thanks Graham, yes I will keep in touch.  Thank you for your help and look forward to catching up.

Hi, i'm Mark, a 33 y.o qualified teacher from English Cameroon. Taught in Cameroon, China and Thailand but now looking forward to teaching in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh . Hoping to connect with Cameroonians or other ESL teachers in Vietnam as i would love to get an insight about the life and housing cost in Vietnam. Travelling to Vietnam in late December 2017. When you are free Pls PM me . Thanks all.

Hi Graham,

Are you still in Hanoi, I would like to meet up with you.


Hi Nicolas,
yes, still here. I livein Phuong Mai, near the French hospital, if you are interested. Message me at ****

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