looking for young expats mums in Amman

hello ya'll , my Name is Ness and am currently living in Rwanda.. my husband, daughter (1y.o) and myself will be moving to Amman in February 2017 and am looking for young mums for advices on life in amman with young kids.. we are planning to have our second baby in Amman!  thanks!

Welcome on board   :cheers:

Although I am not that young anymore, I certainly have experiences with young children living in Amman.
My youngest was born here.

What do you want to know?

ooh hi @primadona! you being a mommy is already enough for me to want you as a friend, pppllllease be my friend lol hahahah

i have a lot of questions!

1. whats the average cost of a Nanny per months ( i think i would prefer a live out nanny) and where can i find one?

2. we are french speaking but we are thinking about puting our daughter in an English speaking preschool in case we do not find a good nanny. do you have a list of schools i can visit when i get there?( she turned 1 last week)

3. we want another baby before the end of next year, i had hypermesis gravidarum with my first and i was sick through out the whole pregnancy and ended up having a C section! i have read about farah hospital, is there any other good hospital there?

4. my husband will be working with UNICEF MENA, where is the best area to rent a flat or an apartment in Amman.

5. also, we are black and Christians ... uhhhmm... how are black people treated in Amman? are there alot of Christians in Amman that you know?

6. I NEED FRIENDS :) :) :)

thanks alot!!!

Oh wow!
I'm overwhelmed  :lol:

Give me some time to answer your questions.

hahahaahaha no worries!!! thank you so much

Sorry it took so long to react, was a bit forgotten until I stumble on this thread again.

I can't help you with your first questions as I have no experiences with in or out living nannies. Maybe other members can help you out.

On the main page of this forum you can find a list of schools.
The list is not completed and maybe outdated as well. But it is a start to begin with.
The choice you will make depends in what area you are going to live.

And with my last sentence I reached your questions about housing.
I have no idea where the office of Unicef Mena is located but I have the feeling you want as close as possible to live in that particular area.
It is best if you get more details.

Most of the hospitals are good and have a good reputation. The one you mentioned is one of the best but also one of the most expensive. My advise is to visit some hospitals and choose base on your visits and where you feel the most comfortable.

There is a large christian community in Amman so there is always a church nearby where you can attend. Racism is everywhere and unfortunately Amman is no exception.
I have no idea how people be treated when their skin tone is more darker than usual. Even some Jordanian clans are more darker than other clans.
When they assume you are rich or/and a foreigner, they try to rip you off, no matter where you are: in shops, taxi's, market. Be aware!!!

You need friends?
Try to be more active here so people get to know you who you are and what you are into. Invite your new neighbors for a cup of coffee or tea. I am sure they will appreciate it.

I'm Arabian man ,, I lived in England for some years then I moved to Jordan, we can be friends if you would!!

@Bader.J > the title is "looking for young expats mums in Amman".

Thank you sooo much @primadona , this is really helpfull! i ll try to be more active here so i can get in touch with poeple as soon as i get in Amman!!!

God bless you

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