Looking to meet nice friends in jordan

Hello everybody

Im looking to meet some nice friends in jordan , everybody from all over the world are welcome

thanks and have a great day

Hi there...

I live and work in Dubai but will be in Amman next month for vacation. Dont mind meeting new friends..what do you do there? age?

welcome to Jordan !!
Meeting up is good idea

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:D when i go there we should hang out!!! but if you hang out with people that worship american culture and try soo hard to impress americans with their knowledge count me out lol.. : good luck!

I am moving to Amman at the end of June- So yah definitely  want to meet new people and specially Arabs as I really want to learn Arabic. Other than that respect to all cultures!

moud23 :

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and your point being??
you sir are an xenophobic....

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Hi mdohal, welcome on board. :)

I hope you find lots of new contacts on the site.

moud23 :

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then what the heck are you doing here? leeching on this country or this region?? leave that opinion to yourself and dont share it!
as another member said:go back to your trailer!

moud23 :

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Why are you in an Arab country?? People like you give the rest of us Americans who live here a bad name!

dont bother fighting with low class. low class doesnt know respect.. lets help this guy find real nice arab friends in jordan :D

shirazi :

dont bother fighting with low class. low class doesnt know respect.. lets help this guy find real nice arab friends in jordan :D

:one Things were going way off topic here!

your welcome ,
Please feel free to contact me .

hey mdohal

I am a Native Jordanian girl & don't mind to make new friends, contact me and lets meet up :)


hi daniya ,mdohal
As Shirazi said do not bother fighting with Slighted people here so do not bother them and their thoughts and their bad
way .
I am ready for your friendship at any time
Thank you Daniya, I think you are wonderful person and we can you , I  and Mdohal coordination together .
contact me and take care

Hey Daniya ,

Thank you , i would be very glad to meet up with you .
i tried to contact you but dont know whats wrong with this site ! i couldnt send any msg ! so would you plz contact me at my email address ! mdohal[at]
i'll be waiting for ur email.
Thanks again and have a great day .

Also Thank you Ashr and everybody for beieng nice ppl on board

mdohal :

i tried to contact you but dont know whats wrong with this site ! i couldnt send any msg ! ....

Hi Mdohal,

Kindly refer to this discussion, and more particularly the first post in the discussion (from Julien) which explains it all! :)

If you follow the advice given therein by Julien and participate in a few discussions and present yourself in the forum, you will see that you'll soon be able to exchange messages with your contacts :)

Have a nice day further

Oh Thank you FeeAcer

now problem is solved :)

thanks again

salam for every one
i am native indonesian girl,i am living in as salt jordan right now,i am looking for any lovely friends to able teaching me in arabic language,also i loved jordanian is my email address : p3rmatasar1[at]

have a good one for you all...

     Y U N I E

Hi mdohal,
Welcome to Jordan. Hope everything is going well with you & wish you find a good friends. I'm Zaid & I'm working @ Roberto Dance Academy & Roberto Adventures & i have private business, giving massage sessions.

With love,

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:D  Lulilu is my nick name and I am a person who loooooves to make new friends and get to know more people cuz they just make the world a better place to live in.....   Peace   :cheers:

Hello There , I live in Amman close to the airport St .
Let's meet someday
Here is my email fadifrangi[at]
Cheers :)

Hi Lulilu > please note that this is an old topic, you might start a new thread on the Amman forum ;) Thank you
@Fanor > before inviting people to meet, could you please introduce yourself so that members get to know you.

Remember is not a dating website.

Thank you.

Welcome to Jordan, u'll find lots of people to hang out with without even posting an ad about it. its just our hospitality as Jordanian people is so good. its not ur nationality that let u be famous or wanted to be hanged out with, but its our hospitality to visitors... ;)

Hey there , is there anyone loves partying here?

Hello guy's

Looking to meet nice friends in amman , just to hang out and have fun  :)

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I'm Dr.Alaa.Hassouneh from jordan,
I hope to meet visitors here in jordan in order to exchange knowledge and language

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