Which city is better to live in Norway Bergen or Oslo or Stavanger ?

I,m Ottoman I want to move Norway to live & work there .
so please let me know which city is better  to live in Norway Bergen or Oslo or Stavanger.
and also pls help me to find the cheap or sharing room.

job availability: probably best in Oslo because of population
cost of living: probably not the best in Oslo because of current housing shortages

a city that suits one person may not suit another. It's helpful to specify what you're looking for a bit more so people can give more targeted advice. For cheap rooms, check

Oslo,is good to try to find a job! Cheap in Norway is no were,  is a site where u can see the prices and also to try to find a job. U gone need a personal number to live and work in Norway. .u can read about what u need to settle your self in Norway. Good luck!

You should also check other cities and try to get your cv out first to see if you can find a job first. I Suggest  to registration in for cv, there you can send applications and at the same time find a place to live. I myself are live in Trondheim area! You can find nice price for rent if your lucky but the prices start from 390€/3900 NOK for å room  or apartment 6000nok-15000nok (600€-1500€).Good Luck in moving to Norway!

thanks to all to share the useful information....
have great day ahead.

Dears All Someone to help me to find the small or sharing room in Oslo .
rent will be pay  on arrival date.
Thanks, waiting your feedback.

The best place to look for accommodation is
You can also check

Good luck.

Thanks Tamilimo  :)  these website is very helpful to find the place.
And also please  let me now how can I get the job in Oslo.
I had 3 years experience in Logistic/transportation/ warehousing (supply chain) of UAE (united Arab Emirates)

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