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So, I'm in a relationship with a Jordanian guy and we want to marry in Jordan. We are both Muslim, so it would be done in Sharia Court, but I'm just unsure of the documents I need to marry in Jordan.
On the Gov.UK website (as I'm a British citizen), it says that in order to marry in Sharia Court I will need a 'Single Declaration' document which I can get at the British embassy in Amman. But do I still need the Certificate of No Impediment? They only mention the certificate in NON-Islamic marriages, but I'm going for an Islamic marriage.

Any information about the documents that I need would be a great help, thank you!

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Yes, you still need that document.
On the main page there is a sticky topic for newcomers with a link to the government website. You can check that out.

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Yes, you still need that document.
On the main page there is a sticky topic for newcomers with a link to the government website. You can check that out.

I can't seem to find the link. Can you send me the link and thank you very much for replying :)

Best thing to do is have your guy go to the court in which he wishes to register the marriage and ask specifically what they want.  From what I've learned being here is what is posted online and what is needed when you actually go to the place are rarely the same. Sometimes I think it depends on whoever is working that day and whether or not your fiance "knows a guy"  plus you probably will need translations of everything and then some stamps from a bunch of different offices that I don't even know what they do.  Plus you will need a blood test and probably some other things I can't remember.  I didn't get married here but registering the marriage at the court was similar except I didn't need the paper saying I wasn't married (because we were married to each other so I guess it is kind of logical).  Really the best bet is just to have him go ask.  Are u already in Jordan?

Here are several links which can be useful for you.

Although Kip said some useful things, I would go for the full package: take with you as much documents as you think you will need. And translate them into Arabic by a sworn translator and verified by court.
If I was you, and you are still in the UK, visit the Jordan embassy as well for better assistance.
And let your fiancee do his part in Jordan and compare the results.

Yes, take as much with you as you can if you are still in England.  I know for our marriage documents we had to have them authenticated by the state department and  stamped by the Jordanian Embassy before we left the USA to be valid here.  But I think it is a good idea like Primadonna said to ask the Jordanian Embassy in England if you are still there for the regulations on what you need to bring from England.  Also, if you are a convert they may ask you for your conversion certificate. If not I am not sure if you have to provide anything.

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First of all, let me wish you all the best for your marriage and God bless you both.

From my experience regarding documents needed for any case with the British, you can always depend on what the UK gov website says. So if the paper is not mentioned it's not needed.
Also you can always pay a visit to your embassy in Abdoun and get reassurance in case you still have doubts.

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I called the Jordanian embassy in London, they told me that I would need the Certificate of no Impediment. So.. I better get that then

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Good! Just out of curiosity what is the difference between the "single declaration" and the Certificate of no Impediment?  And congrats!  Mabrook!

Not sure but that sounds to me like the same thing with different naming.

With this blood test thing... Do I get it done in Jordan or the UK?

Here in Jordan. Primadonna wrote a guide about it here: … anian.html

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