Can anyone recommend a good lawyer?

Can anyone recommend a good, professional and honest lawyer who will get me good results, and who will not waste my time and charge me ridiculously high fees just because I'm a foreigner.
Thank you

Hello John000 :cheers:

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You could check out Lawyers recommended in our business directory :

> Lawyers in Egypt


Call lawyer Ashraf ,very good honest lawyer,say MR Ibrahim Yusuf recommend him.

Tel : 01223896792

Good luck

Hi everyone,

@ sierra Leone, maybe you can recommend your lawyer in the business directory. It will surely benefit other members as well.

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Thank you Kenjee.
My previous lawyer is on that list. He was also on the UK Embassy list of lawyers. He did such a terrible job for me, there should be a "Not Recommend" button for his firm.
This time, I'm hoping that members of can recommend a lawyer they know or hired.

Hi Bhavna,
My previous lawyer is on that list. I would definitely NOT recommend him to anyone. That list should come with a 'Not Recommend' button too.


how are you ?

you can check this group :

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What is the case about to be a to recommend you a specialist?

Hi Margi,

It's a very complicated inheritance case. My daughter's aunt stole my daughter's inheritance and her 'shady' lawyer helped her to do it. They also stole documents relevant to the inheritance.

If you wish I can recommend you my lawyer but he doesn't speak English for counsaltation .. if you can call me and I can help you with translation. . He is an honest person

now you are in Egypt?

What kind of lawyer are you looking for? I have a very good professional lawyer in Egypt who does not charge the earth. He deals with moat cases but if you can let me know roughly the kind of lawyer you need I will run it past him. He is based in Sharm el sheikh.

Hi Maryann,

It's a very complicated inheritance case. I need a lawyer based in Cairo, so perhaps he could recommend someone.

Yes he will. He is based in Sharm but does a lot of business in Cairo anyway. I will speak to him about it and will send you his contact details.

good day

pls feel free to contacted directly:


mobile: 00201006863733

Hi Msolimane,

could you please recommend your contact in the business directory ?

- Egypt business directory

Members will be able to access the contact details easily.

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Is that in Egypt,? Because inheritance in Egypt is based on Sharia laws (Islamic laws) even if for non Muslims and that's need a specialist in that, I recommend to check lawyer's credentials in these cases before you get engaged with him.


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I have a very good lawyer that im currently using..he is based in Cairo and he is very professional, very responsive and helps make everything go smoothly. He is currently working on something for me and im not in Egypt as yet. His prices are exceptionally reasonable, he does not take advantage of the fact you are a foreigner. If you would like his details please send me a message he will be more than happy to help, i can not recommend him highly enough 😊

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Stay clear of BAROUDY LAW. Nasser. Takes money then does nothing for it. Owes me money and my new lawyer is going to get it back

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Thank you, Sheree. Yes, I would very much like his contact information. Does he have experience in inheritance cases?

Please let me know details about the inheritance case so I can advice you right about it,
It's my profession,
There are many ways to avoid inheritance obstacles, tine is very important to solve specially in the first two months

I have been dealing with it for 2 years, going from one bad lawyer to another. It's a very complicated case, involving stolen inheritance, forged papers and bribery.

Check the American international legal services on the buisness directory,
They are specialized in family law,marriage and divorce,inheritance, and dealing with 7 embassies.
They had this year 4 inheritance cases with different issues.
Like religion problems, testimony, certificates of religion extra,there is lots of work paper to be prepared and fast after the death,if time passes vase gets cold and lame Infront of court. I wish I can help you Mr.john.
Have a good day

Titles,religion docs, and proofs of relationship,kids or whatever,
Open a new case Infront of judge based in new documents prepared, and certificates,

Can you let me stand on the facts and I can assist you, all my clients are foreigners.

I cannot give you all the facts, as this is a public forum. Briefly, my daughter's inheritance was stolen by her aunt and uncle. They have concealed important documents from me and forged some as well. They have also bribed certain people in the legal system, to make sure things go their way.


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Isee, it needs a smart lawyer and specifically in inheritance to obtain some documents, and to press on the family.

This year I had several cases of Christians Europeans, that by God help managed to get their inheritance, and another one but with certificate of Islam,that also managed,
Please check the buisness directory
And good luck anyway
For a lawyer to solve it he needs to go away from the inheritance case and makes certain docs, and proceedures against the family then open the case.

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