Simple to own a car in Florida?

Hi, is it simple enough to own a car in Florida? i come out for months at a time and very expensive to hire for 2-3 months so was wondering if not better to buy a small car, i have my own house in sarasota, plus any problems re getting insurance.

Thanks in advance


my in laws live in France and then have a car for when the come over, I have know some of my investors that have owned cars as well.

I just arrived from UK and I was directed by our hospital HR to get in touch with this company that helps expats get a brand new car with less interest compared to others, low down payment and free car rental until you get your own car. I ordered a brand new VW Tiguan and I was given a free Nissan Rogue car rental for 2-3 months. If you want to get the name of this company PM me.

It is none of my business, but this sounds like a scam.  I have never heard of any HR departments setting people up with companies like this. It's not their job and they don't get involved because of the potential law suit risks. HR departments have to be very careful.
If the company is legitimate, why not post the name of it?  It's very, very expensive to rent a car for 2-3 months. Someone has to pay for it!  Who is financing the car loans at a lower rate than anyone else can get and selling cars at a lower price than dealerships?  I can't imagine companies offering lower rates than everyone else gets to people with no credit history in this country. None of this makes sense to me. I found one company online that says they will "negotiate" with dealerships for you.  But they are a company and they are in business to make money. Somehow, you will end up paying for their "service". You can negotiate with a dealer yourself.  They are not going to do all this work for you for nothing and they certainly aren't going to pay for months of car rental.
You have to make sure of what you're getting into. Many dealerships offer 0% financing on certain models. You just have to do the research and do your own price negotiating with them.  Ask about demonstration models that have 5,000 or less miles on them or others that may have 10-15,000 miles on them. They are like new but you get a great price because they have been driven for a very short time.
I may be way off base, but I don't like to see people get taken advantage of.

I'm sorry if you feel that way! I got my car rental a Nissan Rogue from Avis and paid for by the company where I am buying the car from. This is certainly a legitimate company and with regards to HR, they referred me to a company that deals with this program (for expats like me). I'm due to have my car delivered next month and I was told to liaise with a car dealership West Houston Volkswagen for the scheduled pick up. I got the VIN and I'm looking around for an affordable comprehensive car insurance. So, please before you start accusing people for being a scammer, get your FACTS RIGHT! Now, if you are jealous, then I can pm you the name of the company and its up to you to do the research. 😡

I didn't mean to upset you so much...calm down. I didn't accuse YOU of being a scammer, if you are able to read what I wrote. I said IT sounds like a scam and I also said I could be wrong. You're awfully defensive.  Lucky you to get a rental car paid for by a dealership for that length of time. I've certainly never heard of any dealership doing that before, unless they add it to the price of the car in some way, even if you don't realize it. As I said, someone has to pay for it in some way. 
I was actually concerned on your behalf because I don't like to see people who are new to this country, or any country get cheated, yet you chose to start screaming at me. "Jealous"?  What is that supposed to mean? I'm really surprised at your hostile and rude reaction! 
I also pointed out that many dealerships offer 0% financing and most people can negotiate their own deals.
Enjoy your new car, but if you are that rude to total strangers, and have that little self control, you're not going to make a lot of friends here.

Your answer came out as rude as well for saying it's a scam and I'm one way or the other a party to it because I wasn't mentioning the name online. Sometimes you just have to be tactful and careful on the way you construct your sentences. FYI, as a newbie in US with no credit history do you think the car dealers will give you 0%? Nope it's >8% with 10-20% deposit. About our HR, Yes, our HR helped me to contact a reliable company that helps expats transition into US smoothly and these people have loads of contacts for all the expats needs. Surely, an HR that deals with 23,000 employees are more reliable than any Tom dick and Harry you meet online.  I am not really rude to strangers unless I'm being accused of things that I have no intention of doing it and I try to be helpful to others the things that I know of and experience it first hand. Peace to you.

Mae you are taking this personally. He was trying to help you.

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