Cost / Sources of long term car parking in Florida

Hi folks,

We're contemplating buying a car in Florida.
We're Brits who would be there for 6 months of each year.
So, for the other 6 months, we'd need a long-term car park!

Any recommendations of places to park & rough costs please?

Could be Tampa or Orlando (MCO) airports or St Petersburg & we'd Uber to the airport.

Many thanks.

We store our car and RV here with reasonable rates and secure facility. They are in the Orlando area
Bob K

Looks good! Many thanks!

You are welcome. We have used them for the past two years and are very happy with their service.  IN fact both our car and motorhome are currently stored at their facility.

Bob K

Sounds great-thanks!

Me again Bob!

Re "IN fact both our car and motorhome are currently stored at their facility" - do you have any issues with mold on any cloth items in the vehicles? I ask as we're contemplating leaving some clothes in the car over the summer & autumn until we return.

Many thanks in advance.

We actually keep clothes in the MH but do have the roof vents open for ventilation.  We have not had a problem in the 3 times we have stored the unit

Bob K

Thank you for that.
Roughly how long did you leave the MH there for please?
And  what time of the year?

I had thought that if we cracked a window or 2, the clothes might be OK.

We store it for 3-4 months at a time.  Currently it is being stored and will be for a total of 4 months this time.

Bob K

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