California driving test - steering techniques required?

Hello! I'm taking my driver's test at the DMV this week, and I have a question about the turning techniques. A lot of people use the hand over hand technique when turning, others use push pull (hand to hand). I rarely feel the need to use hand over hand. I think the turning I do is a variation of push pull. the videos I watch resemble what I do but I don't actually use any specific steering technique. I do what feels comfortable, natural, and gives me most control of the car. I usually don't even need to turn the wheel THAT much. But I can't teach myself a new technique, the way I manuever the steering wheel when I turn is instinctive. During the test, is there a certain way I need to steer? Will I get points off/fail for not using a technique???

I found this on Google which recommends the hand-over-hand method. … /signaling

It would probably depend on the person testing you.  If they feel you are turning in a way that is potentially dangerous it may be a problem for you. There must be a safety reason for wanting people to  use this method, so it's probably a good idea to change your habit.  If they are  ok with the way you're turning, then they may not say anything, but it would be a shame to not get your license because you won't learn a different method.
It just takes practice and awareness to teach yourself a new way of doing something, but you can do it.
Good luck

I learned to drive in UK and we are always taught hand to hand steering (push/pull) method. Coming to US, I have to take another driving theory and practical exams as our license in UK is not convertible in US. I used the same method of steering like in UK, make sure to signal ahead of time that you are turning or changing lanes, road courtesy and look around (as in turn your head to the left-right-left) before moving the vehicle. Fortunately, I passed with two minor offense from Texas DMV. Good luck!!

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