Are you happy in Jordan?

Hello everyone!

According to the 2016 UN World Happiness Survey, Denmark, Switzerland and Iceland are the happiest countries on earth.

How about you? Are you happy in Jordan? Do you feel happier today in your host country than before in your home country? What has contributed to the change?

In your opinion, are locals in Jordan happy? How can you tell?

Please share your experience!

Local Jordanians seldom being Happy (life pressure,probably)

lucky i have met few Lucky peoples in Jordan,and never met any other Lucky,Fun peoples anymore

Am I happy in Jordan?  Somedays.  It's hard to answer.  The people I love are in Jordan but I like the life better back in the US.  If somehow I could get those two things together I would be so much happier.  But life is complicated sometimes and you have to make choices.  So here I am...

Happy?  No not really, I've been here too long and just want to go home.  I've seen everything, met many and have done everything.  I'm tired of it all.....

Im Swiss and i dont think the servy you mentioned is true,in Switzerland 90% of pepole visiting psychological experts for emotional or life stress or for psychological isues,life is cold and people are closed and nigative,any way in jordan im verry happy and verry relaxed,culture is clean pepole are warm and friendly not like in switzerland where pepole are cold and conservative,here they respect and love pepole from west europe espacialy
im enjoying my social life as women and i dont see any thing would desturbe me here
Ilove Jordan and i admire the islamic arabic cultur it is realy stable and clean and safe


I feel sad that you are not happy
I'm would love to assist you in matter I can do so.

Take care
Wish you good luck

for me, to live here in Jordan better than in Eu... for example, in EU i was always scared to open my post box, to get an ugly letter  :cool:

Because we dont have mail delivery?  :) So instead of sending a letter the people just show up in person lol.

I am from Egypt and moved to Amman 4 months ago with my husband who is palestanian/Jordanian. I find it weird that am facing some cultural shocks in a neighbor Arab Country even though most of my life I dealt with many many different cultures! Overall its not a bad experience so far but am not adapting yet, With people still starring at me once they hear my Egyptian accent lol In Egypt our people tend to be much warmer than people here, Its all about the people's nature, People here are very respectful though abit cold to me. I am struggling to Find work for they most probably prefer hiring Jordanians but am still searching and Still trying to get to know people from different cultures and widen my social circle.

If you are happy or not is very personal and depends on the situation you're in.
I am like Kip98: if I can have the best of both worlds it would work very well.

Kip98 :

Because we dont have mail delivery?  :) So instead of sending a letter the people just show up in person lol.

no, no, i mean by ugly letters, billes to pay or trouble letters with companies and state.

Yara Torky :

People here are very respectful though abit cold to me.

how come??? respectful People cold to you??? do u like disrespectful People to feel warmer??  :huh:  :dumbom:  :/

There's a difference between respectful and cold. People can thread you with manners as to be respectful according to their customs but they don't mean it wholeheartedly.
You can sense that. It is the same if someone is greeting you and ask you how you're doing but not really interested in the answer.
And it is absolutely not done to express how you feel.

Well maybe I miss used the word here. Its not that they are like heartless or anything on the contrary to be honest they are all good people whom I met and very considerate too. I still cant explain how I feel though maybe its just that am dealing with Jordanians for the first time in my life and we Egyptians are super loud and always over excited lol so thats why maybe I used the term cold! No offense ofcourse was intended, my Husband is Jordanian he is so far from being described as cold.

Yara Torky :

Egyptians are super loud and always over excited.

You mean just like in the Egyptian drama series?  :joking:

Hahahahaha Thats super loud the Egyptian Drama serieses sometimes go extreme and doesnt always reflect reality 😂😅😅 But Egyptians tend to always crack jokes thats a true part about us! Even the way they talk in serieses is totally not the way most of us talk it goes too vulgar sometimes lol

Phew  :lol:

in anyway, i wish you the best in Jordan.

It is difficult to answer such direct question; 1st happiness is relevant and depends on your sub ego and environment. So I am sure that you will get both answers from the respected members.
I learned to adjust by understanding culture, behavior, economy….etc. Thus I find my happiness anywhere. I did go through the responses and found that some members compare Jordan to the west! Jordan is Eunice and there are lots to see and enjoy with the right people.
Wish all member a happy and wonderful stay.

yes I am happy..

As strange as it seems, the more I go back and forth to home, the worse my homesickness is.  Right now I am in the US and I feel that uneasy nervousness in my stomach about going back to Jordan next month already, and I am here under unpleasant and stressful circumstances so its not like I am even here on vacation or even having much fun at all. I just know that there is an adjustment period when I go back. First few days are good seeing everyone again.  After that the lonelines, depression, guilt, and boredom sets in.  After one to two months it gets a little bit better but since I have a sick parent in the US I have to come back at least twice or three times a year and the whole cycle starts over again.  Sometimes when I am away in Jordan I don't want to see things, eat things, be reminded of things from home because it just makes it worse.  But in Jordan I can kind of forget for a while all the responsibilities and worries and things I have to take care of back home.  When I first get to the US as well it's kind of an adjustment from Jordan as well. It's me alone responsible for everything, working with repairmen, contractors, doctors, lawyers, etc.  I just had to drive across country  this week.  Kind of like going from zero to 100.  In Jordan I really don't get to leave the house much. If I didn't have to do this adjustment back and forth do often I kind of think I would be less homesick.

I can totally relate to what you are saying and despite its just my 4th month here in Jordan yet after less than 3 months I went back to Egypt for 30 days and came back much more homesick than when I left the first time! I also have a parent who is sick back at home, I dont get to do much for him when I go back to Egypt but just the worry about him while am here keeps bugging me.

Oh kip. Wish you well and the strength.
If I can do something for you, let me know.

I had the same when I went back to Jordan after I spend time alone in the Netherlands.

May God save and bless your parents

Jordan its a safe country.
You can make a lot of trips and adventures,any other question i am happy to Answer !

I will only answer this from my personal point of view.  Overall probably not but of course I can find somethings to be postive and happy about.  I simply cannot get used to the littering/trash everywhere, this is a massive problem for me, I'm just not able to accept it.  I see people throwing stuff out of their car windows or leaving whole bags of take away boxes on the side of the street like it's nothing.  I can't get past it really.  I can't like people who do that.  The smoking is excessive and with children around.  I can't get past that either.  The driving is bad but I've seen that in many countries but it's the way drivers enjoy trying to run down people walking like a sport.  Everything here is about the image you project, if you are walking you must be lower class, if you don't have a maid you must be lower class, the list goes on.  It's all about image not necessarily substance.  People don't smile much but that's well known probably low on my list of complaints doesn't bother me so much but it's part of projecting that image of power.  The maid culture is hard to get past too.  I understand childcare to go out and work but parents will sit back and watch their maids do all the work even in parks and soft play centres, they bring them along like handbags to do all the work, a lot of lazy parenting once a family is wealthy enough.  So many kids are dumped day in and day out with cheap home help whilst a partner will often be away in another neighbouring country to work, no discipline or boundaries and some quite disturbed children.  In someways it makes the place feel strangely lonely.  I rarely see grandparents out and about with their grandchildren in the way you see them in the suburbs of lets say London only maids with the kids.  I get to see more family life including grandparents with less maids if I head out to less affluent areas of Amman but they are also more conservative so I am less accepted as a western non-muslim.  It's also expensive, clean parks and play areas you need to pay for but generally the quality is good and they seem to open new ones all the time but the prices are higher than London.  There also some variety in places to visit and that has been fun.  Security is good.  Generally it is possible to have hobbies and enjoy leisure time.  Flights in and out are expensive, no low cost carriers to Europe only FlyDubai to the UAE.

You are 100 percent right on.  We think alike! 
If you are female I have a group of friends you might like to meet.  I can't stand the trash and garbage everywhere either.  There needs to be a massive anti trash campaign and severe fines.  It all boils down to respect or rather the lack of respect.

Actually from my own opinion,there is a lot of disrespectful people around the world not only in Jordan,I have been to united Arab emirates,Saudi Arabia,Jordan,Turkey.
There is a lot of bad people in the world not only in jordan,people are not smiling i guess not all,you should try to see different people,or try to change your living place,there is maid in United states,United Kingdom,Turkey,India and so on.
if you are complaining from the way of driving go to Saudi Arabia you will see how blessed you are in Jordan,there is also around the world crazy drivers and good drivers its every were.
In Jordan i can go outside walking 1:00 am or 4:00 am i will be safe,i cant do that in Saudi Arabia no one is smiling here,no one is helping its all same around the world,even most of times i get wrong directions from people,about the driving they are careless.
And really you cant judge or complain about countries from one opinion !

Actually Jordan its great for me,for you its your own opinion and i respect it .

Omar, yes Jordan is a lovely country with many wonderful people.  But it is quite different than Europe or the Americas or East Asia in my personal experience.  I don't find find people disrespectful in Jordan, just a bit more reserved and distant and formal than in the west, unless they are family of course.  It is not that people don't smile at all here, just in general when people walk down the street they are not smiling.  I get it because as a naturally smily person myself, I have had to keep it in check as some men may find it flirtatious if you are grinning.  It's kind of a joke with us when I see a person or group of people walking down the street smiling and laughing I always say they must be tourists.  I agree the driving here is terrible.  Maybe as you say it is worse than KSA but then again I wouldn't be allowed to drive there anyway.  I don't know about everywhere you mentioned, but in the USA very few people have maids and if they do the maids just come an hour or two a week and clean and then go home.  Some may have nannies that come watch the kids when the parents are at work but they don't live in, unless you are maybe a celebrity.  You may be able to walk around at 1am, but if you were a blonde woman (or a woman in genral) you wouldn't feel comftorable.

it is quite different than Europe or the Americas or East Asia in my personal experience,they are not smiling some are stressful,or they have commitment,finance issue. In KSA its worse than jordan,Any way i dont like either nannies or maid it depends on each family or there way of raising there children,yes for woman its hard to walk alone at night,eventually i respect every one opinion,enjoy your life,may god bless you all.

One more thing,enjoy your life and live it the way you want,thinking too much or about the past it will not help,people should try enjoying there life.
for me : keep moving,forget the past,have faith in god,i will enjoy my life,i forget negative ideas,i do sports just as running,swimming that will move the negative energy an so on.

People try to enjoy your life,we only live once ;)

Your question doesn't have a specific answer its varies according to the circumstances of each person

exactly Yara Torky, and finally someone spoke the truth or at least objective point of view. i am a lebanese, so for sure also arabic and supposed to be from a very close culture, and still until now shocked in the  way people look at you and how they approach you because ur accent is different. Even between them selves actually they live in closed circles or bubbles you feel when you see friends it is a very happy group, but when people met and they don't know each other you feel like it's very cold. I thought for an  instance that i imagine, but no, i am always moving between yemen and amman, and the difference is very obvious, wish you good luck in having some friends and connections, but at least you have your husband that's a relief.

Hello, I have read all comments and from my point of view, if you are relying on how much Jordan will make you happy then definitely the percentage must depend on your expectations but generally very low so I should list both Pros and cons:

Good weather all over the year, Average health care services, Quality time with family/friends , respect of family, Generally peace, low profile business

high cost of basic living, poor life quality, poor education, poor customer care, pollution , high taxes (relatively), lack of human rights, high rates of unemployment, low income , high corruption , closed communities

In general Jordan is poor with alot of wasted resources, people are exhausted and waiting for major changes to their life but the only thing they get is promises with no real action from the officials, it's not the right country where to follow your dream

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