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Hi guys, I visited kenya in June and I loved it. There are so many opportunities for career and personal growth. I've decided to start my career off in Nairobi and hopefully a small business.

Anyone knows how I should even begin and know of any legal firms that are hiring?

Thanks. I'm so excited to start this new chapter x

Hello Varshini28,

Welcome to  :)

Please feel free to drop your ad in the Law and attorney vacancies in Nairobi job's section of the website.

Good Luck


Thank you x

Hello; basically you are unable to work in Kenya without a work permit.  If you are looking for employment, you must secure a job offer.  Your employer is responsible for making a work permit application (Class D).  As part of this process, they are supposed to evidence that the position cannot be filled from amongst suitably qualified Kenyans (there are a lot of lawyers in Kenya).  The cost is Ksh 200,000 per annum, plus Ksh 10,000 processing fee.

If you want to start a legal business, then you would need to register a company and obtain a PIN from Kenya Revenue Authority.  This process can be done while you are on a visitors visa, but to work within your company, you need a Class G permit.  One of the requirements of this permit is that you hold $100,000 minimum capital, or invested funds (either in USD, or equivalent in other currencies).  The fee is Ksh 100,000 per annum, plus Ksh 10,000 processing fee.  The processing fee is payable on application.  Permit fees are payable only on approval.

It should be noted that rampant corruption in the immigration department can mean that permits can be obtained via the 'back door', with a (often large) bribe.  While I cannot condone this, in reality its the way things are often done here, unfortunately.

The Law Society of Kenya may be able to help you with other legal requirements.

Please be aware that is illegal to work on a single entry (visitors) visa.


Thank you for the detailed reply. I would like to eventually start a business as well but I guess that is for later years to come if things pen out well.

As such, getting a job would be of prime importance. Do you happen to know where I could go to check out firms and get in touch?

Seems like very little advertising is done with regarding to jobs.

Thank you x


Best of luck for the new Business!

Also this might help you:

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Thank you for your input x


There are some online job resources, such as 'Brighter Monday'.  Jobs also tend to be advertised in the newspapers, such as the Daily Nation.

You can also try 'Reliefweb' for NGO jobs. 

I have also found this;

Thanks a lot for all of the input. Yes I do know that immigration isn't easy in Kenya. I've seen it for myself as well.

Thank you. Therefore I am really hoping I do get a job that would help me with the work permit. Unfortunately for the UN and big NGOs, fresh graduates are not desired. Thus, I'm searching for the legal firms which do not seem to advertise much from my research.

My advice is to begin any job application process from outside Kenya.  The work permit application can extend to quite a few weeks and unlike some countries, Kenya does not allow you to remain beyond the expiry date of your visa, even if you have a work permit application in progress.

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