Special Pass to Work ?

Hello Everyone, I would like to know about the Special Pass permit I have recently heard of for Short term contract basis work in Kenya, Is it ok to have it for 6 months multiple entry?
Any information related to Special Pass Permit?

A Special Pass is valid for 3 months, but renewable for a further 3 months.  I have pasted, below the information on it from the Kenya Immigration website:


This is a document issued to person(s) given specific employment by specific employer for a short duration not exceeding three (3) monthsose of receiving education or training at an educational or training establishment within the country by which he/she has been accepted as a student/pupil.


•Application form dully filled and signed
•Copy of the national passport
•Two passport size photos
•Forwarding letter from institution/applicant
•Clearance from regulatory bodies (medical and dentist board, pharmacy and poisons board, engineering board, NGO council, Ministry of Information. ion is relatively new a copy of registration must be submitted together with the application .


Ksh.15,000/= Per month or part there of

Applications initially are made online - applications in person are no longer accepted.  It would appear that you can make an application from the website below, but in most cases you will have to go to Nyayo House to complete the process. … p/645?l=en

Considering the contents of your last post about me, I strongly suggest that you seek some independent information & advice, perhaps from an immigration specialist, or go to Nyayo House (Foreign Nationals Section) to enquire in person.  I have pasted the details of one company, below......but there are others

Thank you for the detailed info, very helpful indeed. Most of it I have seen on the immigration website as well, that seems mostly fair to be honest. Thanks for the company website link, that would be of great help. Wanted to know the duration 3 months you said, which can be extendable, but they have mentioned a fee for each month or does it mean each 3 months extension?

Hello Hasshu,

Kindly see our website link below for your immigration needs.

You can send me an e:mail nwanjiku[at] and we can assist you with the application and processing of your special pass .


Thanks Nelly, will do so.

The fee is Ksh 15,000 per month;  ie. Ksh 45,000 for three months.  I believe that this permit can be extended once - similar to a single entry visa.

Thank you for the Info!

application for a special pass is actually very easy and as above i hope you had the help you needed. welcome to kenya and i hope you enjoy your stay.

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