Agency for recruiting expats in Nairobi

Hey everyone!

By any chance do you know an agency for recruiting expats in Nairobi?Kindly let me know thanks

Are you looking to advertise a job or find a job?

finding a job thanks!

An odd question to be honest - there are several recruitment agencies in Nairobi that specialise in finding employees for employers - whether the candidates are expats or not is a moot point since it is illegal to recruit in that manner.

There are several good places to look to find good roles in Kenya at the skilled end of the market - which is the biggest job site in the region tends to get most of the mid-tier and some executive jobs from most major NGOs and corporations. They tend to remove jobs pretty quickly - you will find plenty of other job sites but generally the jobs were filled months ago and they never remove their listings so BrighterMonday is probably the only quality source of accurate listings. If you're in the IT sector, then the job board is the key place to go for genuine IT and tech roles. If you're in the development or NGO sector, then subscribing to is not a bad option. 

Probably the key recruitment firms you might contact in Nairobi are PWC (yes, a lot of the headhunting is done by Big 4 accounting practices), CareerConnections and possibly Manpower. Most recruitment firms don't accept speculative applications though - they receive a high volume as it is - generally they operate as headhunting firms so you have to sort of network your way onto their radar if you can.

Another good source is which tends to get offshore companies looking for African diaspora talent, but also possibly expats depending on the role. LinkedIn also gets a few roles from time to time from overseas firms looking for people in their African offices. Big international recruitment firms in London and Johannesburg also recruit into the Kenyan market e.g. or several firms in London which you will find on Google. On the Michael Page site there are a few places you find Africa jobs - mainly in banking, legal and General Management, sometimes CFO and tax roles - if you search their UK site, as well as their International site and their Africa site, you cover their range of roles - also their France site for Francophone opportunities.

For jobs in the mining and resources industry, you sometimes find good listings on Australian job sites e.g. or Canadian job sites e.g. because many of the mining companies are headquartered in those markets.

Another good option is to use international aggregators particularly and - you could also try which picks up more francophone opportunities in the region.   

At the end of the day however, the very best way to find good work in Nairobi as an expat is to network in Nairobi itself and get out and about on the town here meeting people.

Well said, Fishford.  I would add that 'reliefweb' has NGO jobs, in Kenya (and eleswhere).  In my experience, depending on your background, the Kenyan job market is difficult to break into.  Networking and connections can give you a massive advantage.

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dear i am interested to work in south african countries. i am indian pharmacist please suggest recruiting agencies helping me to get get job in kenya.

Hi for South Africa try or careers24

I am Raji from India. At present in Nairobi with 90 days Visa. Im looking for suitable middle management jobs in HR/Admn/Billing/Retail management. I have worked in Nigeria and Ghana for couple of years.

Please let me know regarding vacancies.

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