Query on Job offer from RaiPlywoods, Eldoret, Kenya

I am from India and have received a job offer with contract for  six years from Rai PlyWoods Kenya Ltd. at Eldoret. as  an IT person. Could you please share some information about this company's reputation, work culture, growth and about city Eldoret. Regards, Vikram


Rai plywoods as the name suggest and you probably know deals in wood/ timber. i have no idea about their work culture but is a fairly big company and as far as i know fairly big in haulage transport as well. I am from nairobi, i wouldnt know much about eldoret. unless you have specific questions i can help.


Hi Nirav,

Thank you for responding to my query. Appreciate your input on Rai Ply. Your input goes long way in taking strategic decision. Lets be in touch.


Vikram hi,

Rai ply is a company dealing with wood products,I am not sure about the reputation. Life is Eldoret is a bit slower  and definately cheaper than Nairobi...It also has a large Indian community so you will find it easy to fit in!!!If u need more details email xxx

Best regards

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life in Eldoret is great. What are you waiting for?

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