What are the best Rates of a Professional Consultant?

Hi All, I wanted a suggestion on Rates, If I am flying from Dubai to Built Up a Multimedia Project for a Big Retail Group in Nairobi, what should I charge them as a Professional Consultant Fee?! Just an Idea would be great... I was previously offered for almost the same in Nairobi as $8500 to $10000, with accommodation, travel expense and all included.

com on, anyone!?

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A little more patience please. :)
Your thread is still a new one, you will probably get some feedback very soon.

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Thanks Priscilla, I guarantee I would have shown patience, if I had that much of time in reality :( to submit my proposal! Id still wait and see here

Kindly not there's a 4% tax on consultants fee if am not wrong on that one

Thanks Deeb for the info, can you please enlighten me more...?

I have done consultant work in the past and paid withholding tax of 5%. Check the KRA (Kenya Revenue Authority) website for the withholding tax rate for non residents <a hrefs="">here</a>. In regards to you question you should give the duration of the contact… that way you might get more ideas.

Well, Initial consultancy will be of Stage 1, a period of 6 weeks approx. Do note that this specialized work can not be done by anyone else, with a track record, and this place will be the first destination to have this in east Africa, which would also earn them revenue.

Understood the Taxation thing, and checked, Thanks.

There are so many variables here, its hard to say without more information. How long is this project? What is the estimated scope (in terms of hours)? Why are they flying you in instead of using someone local?

For a reference point, I know one company that paid ~$750/hr/pp (USD) for a project spanning multiple months.

Thank you for the above comment, and yes you are right there are so many aspects of the project and this question, I did try to mention all though without leaking much away :) But you guys have been really helpful. $750/hr could have also been the case for my fee, but instead I have not been greedy and offered them something reasonably low, which later I was been realized by few mates in Kenya that it's very low what I offered, since not only Africa almost including MENA region no one could do this there, with a track record like mine as I heard, but Im glad I was not Greedy though. It is a Multimedia Revenue Generation Project.

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