hi expats in jeddah! i made this myself coz the one created by jasf... isnt updated anymore... anyone here especially girls loves to play volleyball?

I was looking for a volleyball team for girls around here , and here you are. I would love to.
Where do you play?

Hi! Upto now iv never went to that area or court for us to play volleyball... i would love to update confirm first if free...sorry if delayed....

YES... my friends and I are looking for venue  :)

Very new but will be very interested to join you

Does anybody knows any venue for volleyball?

I was a volleyball team captain at Nottingham university for three years , so please I wanna join you guys if u still playing

Hi guys , we r looking for volleyball players , please let me know if still interested , we play in khaldia , jeddah rvery mon & wed , sometimes we enjoy completed .

Hello what time do you usually play I'm interested but can only come mondays

Please send me your mobile no , so I will add it in volley ball group in what's up , so u will be updated .


This my number please add me in the volleyball group


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hey what ages do you guys take and how can i get more information?

i play in the sharbatly, saudia city and sierra compounds. i know some females there, if u want, i can ask them. when and where do u guys play?

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