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Can anyone tell me where can I find swimming classes in Jeddah for females

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i suggest you drop an advert in the Sports classes in Jeddah so that you may get better chances of finding a class.

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I don't think so, any exists in Jeddah for females!............

Gold Gym I believe has it. Need to check with gf

wow GF in Saudi............Lucky you are

Oh she's not my gf gf she's a friend who is a girl. Just like how girls say I need to check with my "gf" doesn't mean they r dating. Ya dig what I say?

Possibly  (took all off Jeddah for Kids blog - these all mentioned up through adults):

BWELL Gym - Arabic only
I Sports
Gold's Gym on Batterjee
and Mustafa Al Quadri-Private Instructor
Ages:  children and adult lessons (male and female)
Day: TBD
Time: TBD
Fee: Price varies on location and number of people in class.
Location:  Clients and have private/group lessons at their venue or you can got the Mr. Mustafa’s venue.
Phone:  056-587-0976

that's great stressedmom

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