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Imho radicalism is this countries biggest threat at the moment especially bearing in mind that Indonesia can be extremely unpredictable and violent. It's one of several reasons for myself not choosing to become an Indonesian citizen. Having a white face here, whether a muslim or not, makes one a potential target in times of extreme violence. I agree with the Ministry's decision.

chrisandarian :

Thank you for the news..May be you can put the link to news ..
  Country cant be reason for scanning tourist, My partner is  Thai and I see MANY  low life tourist coming from US, UK, Germany and Australia, they will get involve in fights with locals and do drugs.. Tourist visa cant be for few elite country and not for others, they have to find other ways to scan tourist or control crimes...

Whoa there, sir! That's a very typically arrogant, and judgement attitude, coming from a person of your particular persuasion. We live in Bangkok/Pattaya, and I've seen a number of so-called "high-life" Indian male tourists , who behave like a gang of pampered, university graduated trash, in public. So, just get off that pretentious high-horse,  you've (apparently) been blissfully riding there, eh? :cool:

In addition, we've done some serious road travel, throughout India, as well.   Fyi, people are basically the same, regardless of their ethnic heritages, or national origins. Thus, we are qualified to state, that India has considerably more, than it's fair share of "low-life" people.

Fortunately we also met some of the most lovely, most delightful people, ever, during our three-month sojourn in India. Tragically, most of those people were also among India's poorest, and least educated (despite your boasted 7,000 year-old Human Growth & Developmental culture), in the 21st. Century social-system of "India", no less.  You Indians are just more sophisticated, at "skillfully" sweeping your peculiar brand of filth, under the rug! Capisce? :whistle: Best regards chap, and :cheers:

Sir- please check the history of extreme radicalism as it appears you're in-informed. Expatriates (whites) --- I cannot belive I just wrote that- but I'm quoting--- are not the focus here of radicalism. In fact if you follow the news you'll clearly identify that other Indonesians are the victims of this criminal behavior- not expats. In more recent times the internal security services have borne the brunt of extremist attacks. The exception was Bali a lifetime ago and may I point out that a number of national citizens also perished. Living in Surabaya I am graced with wonderful friendly helpful people who smile first with open arms. Im not sorry- but youre wrong and keenly misinformed about the intent of everyday Indonesians. Sure this country has problems- whose doesn't- we don't live in a fishbowl however your argument is ostensibly flawed. Aku cinta Indonesia (I'm Australian). I can accurately say I've never been ostracized in any way about my skin color --rather the opposite my family and I (2 mixed marriage boys) are treated with undeserved and unheralded social status. Wish I could say the same in Australia as although rare- racially charged incidents do occur. I'm simply not a target 🎯 potential or real- and there's no evidence in the current environment to substantiate your claim.  The current local area chief in my kampong is very proud I reside under his care. I'm proud to be under his umbrella  too. I'm with 360 on this one.


Cheers and well spoken sir. There's no room for any bigotry in this world and we can all play a part- albeit in a small way in our daily lives to enrich and respect others. Well said.

This one is something all expats working or intending to work on Bali should note.
Immigration on that island are tough - Don't mess with them. … k-permits/

Singaraja Immigration in North Bali has deported two foreigners for moonlighting as dive instructors, outside the capacity of their work permits.

The foreigners, identified as a 43-year-old Canadian man and a 29-year-old Danish woman, had Indonesian KITAS work permits, but for different jobs, which didn’t exactly involve teaching scuba. The Canadian had a KITAS in his role as president director of a tourist attraction, while the Danish woman had her permit to work as a sales marketing manager, according to head of Singaraja Class II Immigration office, Victor Manurung.

More details here … 1504094435

To all, a work permit IMTA is sponsored by the employer for a specific role at a specific place and must be renewed if your circumstances change. This does include a promotion or a change of job location or any other change in your employment status. Failure to report changes will increase your risk of being detained, arrested and deported (or in some cases criminally charged and jailed). The above is a clear example that a work permit is not a carte Blanche opportunity to seek income on a freelance basis. Be safe and follow the rules- it's not that hard and with the current nationalism upheaval within the country you stand little chance of success before being reported to the authorities.

That's 100%, more so on Bali.

Absolutely agree. Apparently two scuba vacancies on Bali Island which now can be filled by local instructors or suitably qualified foreigners holding a KITAP. So to those thinking of freelance instructing below sea level; please don't as an IMTA probably won't be issued by the Ministry for Manpower Planning. I may be too honest here and say the arrogance of a very small number of foreigners that consider just landing and working here is overwhelming. Perhaps it's a backpacker or working holiday phenomenon--- I'm happy to be corrected or simply wrong.


Dave, I just want to add my two cents in full support and agreement with your observations regarding the current state of “radicalism” in Indonesia.  And, in that regard, I could not possibly disagree more with the comments made by Abdulkhalil.

I can’t imagine any long time expat here in country having the opinion that radicalism is increasing, or that more Indonesian would want to see Pancasila replaced by non secular governance.  Those same expats would also be the first to recognize and acknowledge that those forces of radicalism have diminished over the years…not increased.   

Unfortunately the recent situation with Ahok, which was essentially dirty politics, created a main stream news frenzy falsely sensationalizing the realities at play here. 

As for the recent crack down here in Bali with illegal foreign workers…this will be increasing in the months ahead, and so it should.  Illegal foreign workers are not only a detriment to locals seeking employment, but they are also a detriment to those foreign expats who “play by the rules” and follow the law.  With that later point in mind, a word to the wise to those foreigners considering such activity…I know for a fact that it’s legally employed expats who are more likely to report illegally employed expats to immigration.   

Thanks again Dave for your insightful and spot on observations!

I probably suck big time as I'm programmed to follow rules. This of course causes chaos for any scooter within 10 feet of me. Yes- I have SIM and STNK. I'm so boring 😬 I also love my local immigration office- but that love affair hasn't extended to the local birth registry office as I'm still waiting after two months for issuance. 🤣🤣 Aku cinta Indonesia 🇮🇩

Bali is know as a paradise island or the island of the gods but it also has a pretty terrible place to spend a longer than expected holiday if you get out of your head and kill some dude. … p?Id=17161

9/3/2017) 21-year-old German Guiliano Lemoine was sentenced to 1.5 years in prison on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, in the death of Indonesian Steven Djingga outside Paddy’s Club in Kuta.

18 months is a bit short for that one so I have to agree with the prosecution - should be longer.
18 months off for murder should see the end of any job he might have back home and a lot of trouble finding something new.
So much for a holiday in paradise.

If he serves his time in Kerobokan, (which is likely) the chances are good that karma will find its way to him.   ;)

Ubudian :

If he serves his time in Kerobokan, (which is likely) the chances are good that karma will find its way to him.   ;)

Better than average chance.
Indonesian prisons in general aren't known for their five star comfort so this story should serve as due warning not to behave like an idiot on holiday.

Speaking of the news......

Jakarta Post 5-9-2017
Footpath improvements in North Jarkarta for the disabled and women in high heels.


Disabled access I get.......but high heels?

Perhaps I need to get out more......

Jakarta Post 5-9-2017
Couple assault air hostess when they boarded with 8 pieces of luggage (overweight, oversized) and were asked to stow in the aircraft hold.  This has been an ongoing issue for many years- comments please.

The reasons airlines and airports are slow to enforce rules and challenge customers is that culturally the elder generation has always been given respect with younger people afraid to challenge.
We can scoff at this but it is true. However in order for airlines and airports to come in line with international standards they have begun to improve this and hence more news stories about issues with bad behaviours of passengers in Indonesia.
The days are ending for those with a sense of grandeur who believe they can get away with what they like as mthis effects companies now and profits.
There has been a huge process of introducing security rules and other good behaviour rules at airports but this is being in such a way in order not create a negative backlash from the press or employees.
Again western airporfs have long since had this approach but since flying around Indonesia from 2007 this process is new and in its infancy.
As for high heels and pavements, that's just about sidewalks being flat and continual and smooth not like the very bad ones we have now and of course the JP making things sound more interesting to read.


Putting this into perspective, it’s important to note that while Indonesia is the most Muslim populated country on earth, fewer I S I S fighters have originated from Indonesia than most every other country on earth. … -from.html


With 225 million Muslims in Indonesia, 700 is .000003 percent, or statistically, zero.

That is utterly amazing. 

Have a look at the numbers joining I S I S from Europe, the US and Australia and this fact becomes even more amazing.

In my view, with 225 million Muslims, it is impractical if not impossible to imagine that there wouldn’t be some extremists…the miracle here is that for Indonesia, there are so few.


Fred :

Last I checked we are all human, the colour of our skin or whatever else being not a lot to do with much. Unity in diversity - YES

Unity in diversity_YES  And, we whole-heartedly agree with you, Fred, on that "Philadelphia-mindset" planetary point of view. :top:

However, that is not the 10,000 year, un-evolved, historic reality, within the real world of people :whistle:

Suffice it to say, when "we" last checked, both skin-color & tone levels, are (historically) a paramount obsession thru-out all of Asia, and particularly so, within S.E.A. quadrant, due to the diverse presence of the multiple ethnic-groups (either indigenous or not).

Case in point. The Nivea Skin Creme Lotion product (with "whitening" agents) boldly advertised on the packaging labels, is a thriving, multi-million Euros/annual import market (in Asia), and, is an abundantly "clear" statement made, regarding the typical Asian person's cognitive awareness, and personal values, especially in that peculiar "product consumption" regard. 

Just paying basic attention to the physical accouterments of the majority participants appearing on S.E.A. network television channels, alone, confirms that very simple fact of life, even within the very Muslim world of Indonesia, sir!  :cool:

Perhaps if we just ignore the colour of skin and focus on what is good in life then we wouldn't need this sort of conversation.
Creams to make people look whiter have been around for ever and I not sure how that makes people more of a racist or bigot.

lukereg :

Perhaps if we just ignore the colour of skin and focus on what is good in life then we wouldn't need this sort of conversation.
Creams to make people look whiter have been around for ever and I not sure how that makes people more of a racist or bigot.

Sigh! Our post was (admittedly) a broad-based, "off-topic" reply, specifically directed to Fred's, somewhat "off-topic" philosophical- statement. The intent was to generate a possible future topic of debate. That's all. Ok? Have a happy and :cheers:

Banking rules for foreigners have been getting tighter over the last few years, this latest news will see even closer inspection of people wanting to open new accounts. … r-funding/

This isn't going to end well for them. … p?Id=17207

The Cyber Crime Unit of the Singaraja Police Precinct has arrested two Bulgarians in connection with the robbery of two ATMs in the Village of Kalibukbuk in Lovina, Buleleng on Saturday, September 16, 2017.

NusaBali reports that the two Bulgarian, Rusev Boris Georgiev (42) and Marian Bogidarof Serafimoff (41), have committed a series of ATM robberies acquiring hundreds of millions of rupiah in the process.

The two were staying at a villa on Jalan Damani in Kalibukbuk.

Police were alerted to the robbery by a telephone call from Komang Sumarsana (28) received on Friday, September 15, 2017, at 10:30 pm. Sumarsana works in the ATM Surveillance Department of PT Swardarma. He told police that while monitoring of the CCTV camera operating at the Bank Negara Indonesia ATM in Lovina he noticed that someone had covered the camera to prevent surveillance.

Based on this information, Police from Buleleng and Bank Security rushed to the location where the two Bulgarians were caught re-entering the ATM at 1:00 am. At the time of their arrests, the two Bulgarians were carrying an ATM keyboard and recording devices for stealing PIN numbers from ATM customers.

More news from Bali...and I'll admit it's getting a bit concerning, is that Gunung Agung seems to be waking up from a fifty-four year nap. … ndby.alert … y-Year-End

I have three cards, a BCA Flazz, a Mandiri etoll and a BRI Brizzi, the latter being used the least but is handy to have as they run offers such as parking for Rp1 and it's a back up if my etoll runs out and I can't get it topped up easily.
The cards can be loaded up with a max of Rp1 million and are accepted in a lot of places.
I find the BCA card is accepted in the most places, including paying for petrol in a Pertamina this morning, I can top it up easily as I have a BCA bank account so I just use an ATM.
The things are pretty secure and the losses are small if they get stolen, lost or hacked.

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - State-owned lender Bank Mandiri foresees over 50 percent growth of the electronic money (e-money) cards issued by them in 2017.

“The number of Bank Mandiri e-money cards in circulation as of August 2017 is over 10 million,” Bank Mandiri Senior Vice President for Transaction Banking Retail Sales Thomas Wahyudi told Tempo on September 20.

He explains that as of August, e-money card payments have reached Rp3.4 trillion with the frequency of card usage of over 300 million times.

Data from Bank Indonesia shows that the biggest surge in e-money chip issuance took place in June and July totaling 5,750,215 chips issued by 25 e-money card issuers.

Thomas expects the growth following as the government launched the 100 percent electronic toll collection that may increase e-money card issuance.

Big bang? … spot-bali/

Denpasar.  Thousands of residents were evacuated from villages near an active volcano on the Indonesian island of Bali, officials said on Friday, as seismic tremors rattled some areas and smoke rose above one of the world's most popular tourist spots.

The alert status for Mount Agung in eastern Bali was at 3, one level below the highest, and authorities warned tourists and residents to avoid camping or hiking within a 6 kilometer radius of the crater.

"Volcanic activity remains high and there are indications of magma rising to the surface and causing tremors," said Sutopo Purwo Nugroho of the National Disaster Management Agency.

"There should be zero public activity within the specified radius in case there is an eruption," Sutopo said.

However, flights at Bali's international airport were operating as normal and there was little disruption to tourism operators across the rest of the island, authorities said.

This one isn't in the news as such but did attract my attention because it's unusual.
The plate continental plate boundary is just south of Java island so earthquakes are common in the south of the island but rare to the north.There have been two over the last week or so, the latest being last night. The area around Jakarta gets few tremors but there have been some big ones over the years. … 00aufz#map

"Big bang?"

Let's hope not.  The last time in 1963 carrying over to 1964, there was significant loss of life.  This time, there has been excellent preparation  and precautions.

Jokowi will be visiting Bali today (he's here as I write) and visiting some of the evacuation centers as well.

Keep your fingers crossed for us Amigo!  Cheers!

Fake drugs are way too common here. Stick to large chain chemists and you'll probably be fine. … erang.html

Security guards don't get paid much so they do side jobs for their residents all the time. I've seen them clearing drains, washing cars and even catching snakes ... but not like this.

Big beggar

A giant python in Indonesia met an unfortunate end when it was eaten after it lost a battle with a local man.
Security guard Robert Nababan encountered the snake on a palm oil plantation road in Sumatra's Batang Gansal district on Saturday.
Mr Nababan tried to catch the python, reports say, which was 7.8m (26ft) long.
It attacked him, and man and reptile fought until Mr Nababan killed it with the help of some villagers.
The guard survived with serious injuries.
The python was not as lucky as Mr Nababan - its body was strung up for display at a village, before it was chopped up, fried and eaten.

The cops seem to be cracking down on gay brothels at the moment.
If that's your cup of tea you might be better staying away from such places as all concerned are likely to end up in handcuffs (but without sex) … -gay-party

Jakarta (ANTARA News) - Police in Central Jakarta have arrested 51 people following a gay party in T1 Sauna at Block A of Harmoni Plaza shop house on Jalan Suryopranoto, Gambir, on Friday night.

"Out of the 51 people, seven are foreigners from China, Thailand, and Malaysia," head of public relations of Jakarta Metropolitan Police Command, Senior Commissioner Argo Yuwono, stated here on Saturday.

It seems our friend who is well known for promoting unity is unable to return home yet as he wants to preserve unity - the 5 years he could get for spreading porn having absolutely nothing to do with it … erve-Unity


Thank you to Commodore Ribut Eko Suyatno and his team.
I'm a daddy who likes Indonesia drug free so I'm pleased these guys did the honours.  :top: … ystal-meth

Tanjungpinang, Riau Islands (ANTARA News) - The Tanjungpinang Naval Base IV in Riau Islands province has foiled an attempt to smuggle 3.14 kilograms of crystal meth, 2,250 Happy Five pills and 2,132 ecstasy pills in Tokong Hiu waters.

The Naval base officers also arrested three drug couriers, two of them Malaysians, Commander of the Naval Base IV Commodore Ribut Eko Suyatno said here, Friday. … -SIM-Cards

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - Following the issuance of a new regulation, foreign tourists visiting Indonesia planning on purchasing local prepaid SIM cards are also required to register their mobile phone numbers to the Indonesian Government.

Tourists will be able to do so at cellphone outlets by showing their passport or Temporary Living Permit (KITAS). According to Communications and Information Ministry spokesperson Noor Riza, tourists can also register their SIM Cards using other forms of international identifications that are acknowledged by the government.

A bit of expat related news, and not good news.
This one is what happens when politics and allegedly dodgy working practices meet. … exis-Hotel

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta - The Head of Jakarta Manpower and Transmigration Department Priyono said that his office has the right to request the deportation of 104 foreign employees ofAlexis Hotel.

“If their permits have ended, then you’re not allowed to work. [It's for] anyone, it doesn’t only apply to Alexis [employees]. If a foreign worker’s permit has ended we will coordinate with immigration to deport them,” said Priyono on Friday, November 3.

Priyono reasons that practically, his department is faced with a challenge in checking the foreign workers’ whereabouts since the hotel is no longer operating its business.

He also defended Governor Anies Baswedan and said that a number of foreign workers employed by Alexis corroborate with the Governor’s claims.

However, Priyono said that it is possible that the real number of Alexis foreign workers could actually be more than what people are aware of and that there might be several of them that do not have a working permit.

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